Attack on homes of Shiites in Kaduna after Buhari’s return

Yesterday night at Badarawa, (Malali, Hayin rigasa, Kawo) Kaduna the houses of a Shiite members attacked by Buhari supporters over fake report that one Shiite man fainted after hearing Buhari has arrived from London where he had been for 53 days for medical vacation. The story is fake. That The Cable and Punch newspaper carried that story is most shocking and embarrassing. The rush to carry sensational stories without verification is the bane of journalism in Nigeria. People should not rush to carry stories on Facebook and Twitter until there is enough evidence to back it up. And it wouldn't cost much to verify. Just because Punch or The Cable carry such stories doesn't make it true. Farooq Kperogi has written about such instances severally where such fake stories are carried by some media in Nigeria.

I am sure it is the rush to get traffic sometimes that cause such and sometimes just laziness. The management of The Cable and Punch should quickly delete that story and apologize to the Shiites.

There is a subtle and deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of Shiites and it has been going on in the north nowadays. Northern religious leaders must address this propaganda before it leads to clash or attack or killings.

-By George Onmonya Daniel