Atrocity: Kaduna state government orders death sentence to 50 Shiites

Atrocity: Kaduna state government orders death sentence to 50 Shiites

Our attention was drawn to the above piece written on one premium times newspaper today friday, the 22nd of April, 2016

The order was made by Kaduna state government to a court residing in Kaduna on Thursday, the 21st of April 2016 over allegedly accusing the Shiites of killing a corporal in the Nigerian army by name Yakubu Dan Kaduna.

"Yakubu Dan Kaduna was shot with a gun when he alighted from COAS's convoy in order to disperse IMN members" as they said.

It is well known to public that IMN members are peace loving and conscientious, they had never in their close to 40 years of existence killed even an insect. Their activities are always peaceful and harmonious, and is not threatening to the life of any.

They were attacked severally, they are the most attacked and oppressed people in this country, but they had never retaliate.

The annual arba'een symbolic trek of Imam Husain (as) that held last year is a clear evidence of what I am saying. A suicide bomber was identified along Kano road, and was taken to Sheikh Zakzaky (H) without been uttered even an abusive word, he was given food and shelter, and finally he was freed despite that 22 people were killed and several others badly injured from a bomb that exploded in possession his friend!

He was not killed in retaliation but saved, how can we then kill a soldier in retaliation of our brothers? The suicide bomber is unarmed and helpless, he is in the best condition to be killed compared to a fully armed soldier. And above all we are unarmed at the instance.

In their testimony to the Kangaroo commission, the police proved that the weapons recovered from us are catapults, phones, chargers, SIM cards etc. I ask then, which of these weapons we used in killing the army? Since they proved that we did not possess guns!

Our dictionary does not contain words like "murder, killing, assassination, kidnapping, terrorism etc" rather it contain words like "save, help, rescue, liberate etc" and likewise our hearts and brain does not contain such enmity, hatred, calumny, terrorism, fabrications and malevolence.

We saved and rescue lives and not kill or destroy them. This is exactly what we were taught by Sheikh Zakzaky (H). Even during grievancy we did not kill our killers no matter how many of us they killed!

For one day, we hope and pray that they will understand that we are struggling to save their lives for the betterment of the hereafter.

As for the oppressors I want them to know that we were not forced to Shiism and IMN, for that reason we can never be forced out. killings, calumny, terror propaganda and threats can never suppress our movement. You can never intimidate us into silence!

Our pens will not relinquish until these culprits are brought book and justice is done to the oppressed, God's willing.

Finally, we re-echo our demand that our leader Sheikh Zakzaky (H) must be freed immediately and unconditionally alongside his wife and all our brothers in detention.

#Secure recovery to Sheikh Zakzaky (H)
#Allah protect Sheikh Zakzaky (H)
#Free Sheikh Zakzaky (H)

Najeeb Umar Maigatari
Friday, April 22nd, 2016