Ashura Procession at Tudun Wadan Dankade

Since the beginning of the first month of the Islamic calendar, mourning processions in remembrance of the event of Ashura have been taking place at various parts of the world including Nigeria where members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria carry out Ashura processions in cities and villages. Those of Tudun wadan Dankade were not left out as they held their procession On Friday 13th November, 2015. The procession began after Friday prayers from kofar kudu primary school and ended successfully at a field near the court ‘filin kotu’. Many people including children attended the procession despite the accusative propaganda spread against Ashura in the area. In his closing remark, sheikh khidr from Kano state of Nigeria stated that Imam Husain [A.S] is a benchmark for one to choose either the right or wrong path. Concerning arba’een trekking, he pointed out that those asking of its origin in Islam should know that it was initiated by Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari one of the companions of the prophet [S.A.W] who trekked from Madinah to Karbala for the fortieth day of martyrdom of imam Husain [A.S].