Ashura Procession Commemoration Kaduna

   Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria staged Ashura Mourning Procession today 11 of Muharram, 1347. The procession took off from Maiduguri Road Juma'at Mosque, the city heart of Kaduna. It then follows through Ahmadu Bello  Way to Ibraheem Taiwo Road where the procession terminated at Kwanar Chanchagi Round About,  T/Wada Kaduna, in million of attendees among them are  Christians.

Among attendants in the procession include: Rev. David Abaya, Pastor Joel Zego, and Pastor Maxiwell Sanda, Mr. Adua A. Adua, Pastor Muhammed Abdullahi and Reverend Yohanna Buru of Anglican Church Sabon Tasha Kaduna, also chairman Peace Revival and Reconciliation Committee (NGO) who headed the other clerics to the procession.

Responding to the press, Reverend Yahanna Buru explained that his attendance to the procession was different from the previous ones. He headed a group of clergy men to joined the procession. He said, " they came to express their solidarity with Muslims across the World over the tragedy that befell Imam Husain, his Companions alongside members of his family". This really touched neither the hearts of true lovers of the Holy Prophet nor every human who loves and pity humanity in general. We also joined the procession representing the whole Christians within Kaduna and environs as you mark this red lettered Day in epic of history. 

Reverend Buru shed lights over the indiscriminate and hideous killing of Imam Husain and his faithful Companions at plain of Karbala. He cited verses from Bible acknowledging that, "In Gospel, more than one Book had foretold what befell Prophet Isah(as) and that of Prophet Muhammad. The epic of history from Gospel narrated how Jews attempted to exterminate the life of Prophet Isah(as) similarly as the enemies of Islam and Prophet Muhammad(pbuh & hf) exterminated the life of his beloved son for no cause. 

At the end of his interview, Reverend Yohanna Buru noted that, "the affairs of Imam Husain is not for a particular set of people that belong to the same doctrine,  it is an event, affair, that is supposed to be compassionately partaking by the entire Muslims and even non-muslims. Showing concern over the affairs of Hussain, is a stance that will proves you being not supporting tyranny.

Number of attendants in this years Ashura mourning procession in Kaduna, sum up to be one million, three hundred thousands as recorded by statistical camera  during coverage.