Ashura Majlis Kaduna 1437

Sheikh Sharif Shu'aib al-Alawiy From Kano Narrated the Episode of Karbala Tragedy in a wider context.

In the on-going Muharram Majalis in Kaduna zone of the Islamic of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, on 9th of Muharram, 1437, day 8 of the mourning gathering, Sheikh Sharif al-Alawiy from Kano was the guests speaker.
He delivered a long lectures on the episode of Karbala. Sheikh Sharif Shu'aib began his lectures by tracing the beginning of persecutions of the pure progeny of the Holy Prophet. He narrated from the time Mu'awiya Ibn Abu Sufyan martyred Imam Hassan(as) to the assumption of his Caliphate.

The departure of Imam Husain(as) from Madina to Makkah, the martyrdom of his brother, Muslim Ibn Aqeel up to the 9th day at Karbala. The encounter of 72 Companions of Imam Husain(as) versus over seventy thousands of warriors of Yazid Ibn Mu'awiya. At the end of his lectures, he categorically asserted that the Karbala tragedy is an event which is full of undeniable facts, though remained untold by scholars of Islam.
The gathering also comprises drama depicting the tragedy, songs of lamentation, prayers and Ma'atam.