Ashura Commemoration Kaduna 2015.

   Today 17/10/2015 04/01/1437 (H), Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under the leadership and spiritual guidance of his eminence Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Kaduna zone continued with the on-going Ashura commemoration at Zango primary School with multiple of attendees. For the sake of unity, Ahlul Zikr(Sufis) leaders where invited to give a talk on topic Ashura Malam MusaTanimu a profound leader of Ahl-Zikhr gave his speech on the necessity and significant of Ashura mourning in our era, he shed light on all the calamities faced by the successor of the Apostle of Allah (SAWA) Ali bn Abu-Tailb AS, his martyrdom and how His followers of where traced. Mal. Musa Also Shed light on the how false Hadiths narrated by Ulamas which vanished the teachings of Ahl-Bay AS at that epoch, ‘’ other schools of thought believed that the Apostle of Allah had not appointed His successor but they believed Muawiya bn Abu-Sufyan appointed Yazid his immediate son as calipha’’ he streesed. He concluded with history how Imam Husain was put to bed by His precious Mother and His martyrdom at the plain of Karbala (Iraq), poem, weeps, supplication and ziyarat Ashura also observed.