Ashoora Mourning; Attacks on brothers In Some Places

Like everywhere in the world, ashoora mourning gatherings are going on in more than 50 places in Nigeria. Although the gatherings are going on peacefully, brothers in some places were faced with attacks. The following is account of the attacks

At Potiskum Yobe State;

Due to the unstable situation in the state, brothers usually walk in groups when they are going back from markaz where the ashura mourning takes place from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm because of the 6:00 pm to 6:00 am curfew in the state. On Friday evening 8th of Muharram one brother named Ibrahim was left far behind his group when JTF soldiers arrested him they asked him from where he was he told them he was from ashura mourning they asked him to enter their car and later they phoned and requested for more soldiers.

Suddenly, troop of soldiers arrived in four cars and three tanks then they moved straight to Fudiyya markaz where they start shooting and shouting that they will kill all the brothers inside whom were praying isha’ prayer. After Malam Mustafa came out to speak with them but they did not stop shooting so he left them. Before some time, markaz was filled with brothers and everyone was saying Allah Akbar!! Ya Husain!! Ya Mahdi!! Then the soldiers stopped shooting and started stoning brothers that was when they injured eight brothers. Then after some while, they ran away after they beat brother Ibrahim Adam heavily and threw him.

At Ajingi Kano State;

Brothers of this place gather every year to mourn the event of karbala which they organized it to take place at Durbunde this year. The attack started after brothers have finished that day’s mourning gathering when they were parking their equipments then the attackers whom were some violators came and start beating everyone that was there. The brothers tried to defend themselves and were calling Labbaika Ya Husain!! And before you could know it the attackers ran away. They wounded some brothers including a sister and a small child of 5 years with some members of the community that came to help the brothers. Brothers investigated and found that among the attackers were the children of the liman of Chula. Brothers were able to caught one of the attackers whose name is Lakum.

At Mafara Zamfara State;
Some violators attacked the markaz of Mafara and when the news reached brothers they hurried to markaz. One brother named Musaddiq was among the first to reach the scene where the attackers strike him with knives and swords and also burnt his motorcycle. When many brothers reached the place they were able to send them away.

In another area, the violators burnt shops of two brothers and cut two brothers one on forehead and the other on head. It was when security personnel with the state governor arrived that the fight rested. The governor visited both brothers and the attackers where he told them told them to live peacefully. After his departure, a little peace rained but later on they attacked another brother where they cut him on head. Again in the morning they attacked another brother in his way to where he works and left him bleeding. These made brothers to come out to defend themselves and that was when security personnel interfered and then everything became solved.