On the Army's Attempted Cover-up : Triumph of Blood over Weapons.

The Nigerian military has embarked on splashing money on frivolity in order to create a false propaganda which will be used to cover up the atrocities they have committed against members of the Islamic Movement and intrusion to the household of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky which resulted in the deaths of more than one thousand people including women and children.

Befuddled by the dilemma, the military is busy trying to cover up the monstrosity of the massacre by sponsoring adverts on the media to support its version of the story which is focused on creating a false notion that members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria are solely to blame for the incident.

On Thursday, 14th January, 2016, commander of  1 Mechanised Division Major General Adeniyu Oyebade had called a meeting between some people who paraded themselves as Islamic scholars and traditional rulers during which he tried in vain to convince them that their orchestrated assaults on Shia's was the best decision.

In the aftermath of the meeting, rumours were making the round that 500, 000 naira sealed in various envelopes were distributed to the clerics so as to buy them up.

These among other reasons are testimonies to our stand that bullets will never suppress the rise of the truth no matter how much a person tries it.