November 2017

Quran, Ka'aba and Love for Prophet's lineage are pivots of Muslim Unity: Ayatollah Khamenei

Through our love for Ahl-ul-bait, Muslims can unite for a common cause; this can be a pivotal step towards the unification of Muslims. As the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) serves as a pivot for unity among Muslims, as the Quran and the Ka'bah are pivots of Muslim unity, the love for Ahl-uhl-bait can also be pivotal towards uniting Muslims and connecting their hearts.


We are in the know that the Sokoto state Governor, Aminu Tambuwal has consented to a grand plot to stage a massive crackdown on IMN and its members in Sokoto state. This will involve massive killing of members, including women and children, as well as wanton destruction of properties that will include residential houses and business premises.

Story of a man permitted to punish Mohammad (pbuh) before his demise

The present day coincides with the anniversary of the demise of the holy prophet of Islam (PBUH)--the most prominent of all humans throughout history, the spiritual father of Muslims and all the individuals who believe in advancement and growth of humanity. During the anniversary of his demise, one of our duties consists of being grateful, by heart and through words, for extraordinary, tireless efforts, and endeavors of the greatest person of the world and history.

Sheikh Abubakar Demand Buhari to Release Sheikh Zakzaky

BBC Hausa reported that the leader of Ghana Shia community, Sheikh Abubakar Ahmad Jamaluddin, called on the Nigerian government to obey Court order and Free Zakzaky and his wife.

He made this call in the city of Accra during the #Arbaeen Trek to commemorate, Imam Hussein (as), the beloved Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (sa).

Sheikh Abubakar said:"Sheikh Zakzaky like other Shia scholars are suffering inhuman oppression in the hands of tyrannical regimes. If you ask the world what is the 'crime' of Sheikh Zakzaky, the answer will be none".

PRESS STATEMENT *700 days of illegal detention: Buhari free Sheikh Zakzaky now!*

It is now 700 days since the unwarranted detention of our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife, Zeenah, and several hundreds of other members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in various detention centres. That was sequel to the cruel attack by the Federal government using its Military might in an attempt at exterminating the Movement, its leadership, membership and properties. As we are all aware, since that murderous weekend of December 12, 2015, we are still looking for justice on the matter.

*Sheikh Zakzaky refuses secret testimony after meeting with Presidential Investigation Panel today*

The Presidential Investigative Panel looking into the Human Rights abuses by the Military today Tuesday November 7th visited Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky with the intention of taking his testimony in secret. This was coming a day earlier than the date given by the Panel that the testimony would be taken. It was not clear why the sudden change of date, but the Panel said it was necessitated by the need to wind up their sittings by Wednesday the 8th. The Panel had approached our lawyers to inform them rather precipitately that the case would be taken at 9:00am Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

Nigerian Police Open Fire to Peaceful Arba'een Symbolic Trekkers in Kano, killed four injured scores

Heavily armed Nigerian Police security personnel open fire at peaceful Arba'een Symbolic trekkers in Kono zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

The Arba'een trekkers in millions all faithful disciples of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, were repelled at the outskirt of the city of Kano, today's evening, Sunday, 5/11/2017

Police Killed Members of IMN in Kano As Arbaeen Trek Begins

2 killed by Police in Kano a s IMN begins Arbaeen trek to Zaria Two identified members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria were killed by mobile policemen in Kano who were drafted to stop the Arbaeen annual trek that started peacefully in Kano today. Thousands of IMN members started the trek from Kofar Mazugal inside Kano metropolis in the morning around 10:00am, prayed afternoon prayers at Kofar Nasarawa and terminated today’s trek at the popular Lado overhead bridge.