October 2015

Tauhid Alive In Karbala

The AhlulBayt (s) have been living embodiment of tauhid (belief in the oneness of God). Their every moment of life has been in accordance to the will of Allah (swt). This fact is very much evident in the whole tragic event of Karbala. In Mecca while at Mount Arafat, Imam Husain’s (as) love and servitude for Allah (swt) became apparent in the famed Dua of Arafat. This prayer our Imam recited on the day of Arafa and it is a lesson for all those who want to understand what tauhid is.

The women of Karbala and Hussain’s message

It was to a woman that Hussain, the saviour of Islam, left the rest of his mission

The women present at the Battle of Ashura in Karbala were entrusted with a special mission: to keep Hussain’s message alive. Under the leadership of Lady Zainab the women were to spread the message of Hussain’s sacrifice even while they went through huge ordeals and sorrows. Their grief at the murder of the Imam was a vehicle of change, and cannot be separated from their accomplishment of the mission.

Amir of Bauchi, was visited condoles death deputy Ajiya Mosque.

Amir of Bauchi, Malam Ahmad Yashi has visited Ajiya Mosque to condole with families of Malam Mahmud Tukur Adamu who died on Friday 10 al-Muharram after a protracted illness.

Until his death, Malam Mahmud Tukur was a deputy Imam at Ajiya Mosque, Bauchi and his premature death has caused a terrible consternation in the hearts of many a sympathizer.

Saudi Supreme Court Approves Sheikh Nimr Death Penalty

Saudi Supreme Court approves Sheikh Nimr death penalty. Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:12PM Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has approved the death penalty for prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, his brother says. Mohammad al-Nimr, the prominent cleric’s brother, said in a message on social media on Sunday that the Saudi Supreme Court and an appellate court had approved the execution of the Shia cleric and authorized the Saudi Interior Ministry to carry out the sentence.

Ashura Procession in Bauchi

It is today 16 Al-muharram 1347 that Muslim Brothers and Sisters staged a peaceful procession in commemoration of Imam Hussain (AS)'s martyrdom in Karbala who was beheaded along with his brothers, children and companions under the leadership of the cursed Yazid.

The procession started at 10:00 local time, and the meeting point was Baba Ajiya Mosque which proceeded to Kofar Bakin Kura, Fada Road and Central Market Road until the matchers returned to the meeting point.

Ashura Procession Commemoration Kaduna

   Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria staged Ashura Mourning Procession today 11 of Muharram, 1347. The procession took off from Maiduguri Road Juma'at Mosque, the city heart of Kaduna. It then follows through Ahmadu Bello  Way to Ibraheem Taiwo Road where the procession terminated at Kwanar Chanchagi Round About,  T/Wada Kaduna, in million of attendees among them are  Christians.

Millions mark martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein in Karbala

Altaf Ahmad

Press TV , Karbala

Mourners from across the globe are flocking to the Iraqi city of Karbala to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad. As Press TV’s Altaf Ahmad reports, thousands of Iraqi security personnel have been deployed to ensure the safety of mourners amid continued threats of terror attacks by Daesh.


(continued from Part 5) [ Ali b. al Husayn, Zayn al Abidin, reported: ] I went near to hear what he would say to them (even though) at that time I was sick. I heard my father say to his followers: I glorify God with the most perfect glorification and I praise Him in happiness and misfortune. O God, I praise You for blessing us with prophethood, teaching us the Qur'an and making us understand the religion. You have given us hearing, sight and hearts, and have made us among those who give thanks (to You).

Blood donated as Ashura mourning gathering continues in Kano +Pictures

Members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria have donated their blood as part of the Ashura mourning gathering in Kano, the blood donation took place on Wednesday 8th Muharram 1437AH in Kano, the donation was in honor of the sacrifice of imam Hussain (AS). National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) and Murtala Muhammad general hospital are the bodies that receives about 90 bags of blood donated on Wednesday, the donation continues.

Hajj tragedy: In defence of Allah, Iran and pilgrims

On September 11, 2015, the fourteenth-year anniversary of the U.S. twin-tower attack, a crane on the loose belonging to the Bin Laden family (family of the suspected twin-tower master-mind) construction company handling work at the Haram, went berserk, and like a thunderbolt from hell crushed pilgrims in the precincts of the holy Ka’abah. Over 100 pilgrims lost their lives.


The Journey Of Imam Hussein (AS) Part 5

(continued from Part 4)

[Humayd b. Muslim reported:]

By God, later I visited him when he was ill. By God, other
than Whom there is no deity, I saw him drinking water without
being able to quench his thirst, and then vomiting. He would
cry out, "The thirst, the thirst!" Again he would drink water
without being able to quench his thirst, again he would vomit.
He would then burn with thirst. This went on until he died,
may God curse him.


(continued from Part 3)
['Uqba b. Sim'an reported:]
We set out at once with him and he became drowsy while he was on his horse's back. He woke up, saying: "We belong to God and
to Him we will return. Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds."
He did that twice or three times, then his son, 'Ali b. al-Husayn approached him and asked: "Why are you praising God and
repeating the verse of returning to Him?"
"My son," he answered, "I nodded off and a horseman appeared to me, riding a horse and he said: 'Men are travelling and the fates

Companions of Hussain (AS); Few But Mighty

Peace be upon the Companions of Imam Hussain! The very unique companions in the whole world, the companions of quality not quantity, While we await the arrival of the Imam of our time Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance), we need to study and master their lesson of sacrifice inorder to serve our Imam properly.
Peace be upon the Companions of Imam Hussain!

Day 4: Martyrdom of Abdullahir-Radhi Commemoration Kaduna 2015

The martyrdom of Abdullahir-Radhi (Aliyu Asghar) is commemorated by the Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Kaduna zone. The event held today 18/10/2015 ( 05/01/1437 H), at zango primary school field T/wada Kaduna with thousands of people in blacks. Aliyu Asghar is the infant of Imam Husain AS slained with a poisoned arrow that have triple sharped head. He was slained by Harmala (L) whom also pulled his bow's trigger on Imam Husain AS heart which initiate His down fall. The event also symbolized the outfit of Aliyu Asghar with other infants present.


(Continued from Part 2) He, peace be on him, went on from Batn al Aqaba until he stopped at Sharaf (for the night). At dawn he ordered his boys to get water and more (for the journeys When he continued from there until midday. While he was journeying, one of his followers exclaimed: "God is greater (Allahu akbar)!" "God is greater (AllAhu akbar)!" responded al-Husayn, peace be on him. Then he asked: "Why did you say Allahu akbar?" "I saw palm-trees," answered the man. "This is a place in which we never see a palm-tree," a group of his followers asserted.

Aliyul Asghar (Abdullah ibn Husain)

He was the youngest son of Imam Hussain and Rubab (the daughter of the chief of the Kinda Imra al-Qays tribe)
He is honored by all muslims as being the youngest martyr (6 months old) at the battlefield of Karbala.
Abdullah "Ali al-Asghar" ("Youngest Ali") ibn Hussain was born in Medina, and was one of the three sons of Hussain. The other two were Imam Zain ul-Abideen, and Ali Akbar ibn Hussain, who Yazid's forces also killed in the Battle of Karbala. His sister was Sakinah bint Hussain.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky exposes new plot by enemies to attack Islamic Movement

The latest intelligence report gathered by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria reveals that there is high level conspiracy against the Islamic Movement. This was disclosed by the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzakzay(h) during the Ashura Mourning gathering on Friday the 16th of October 2015, At Husaniyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria.

Ashura Commemoration Kaduna 2015.

   Today 17/10/2015 04/01/1437 (H), Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under the leadership and spiritual guidance of his eminence Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Kaduna zone continued with the on-going Ashura commemoration at Zango primary School with multiple of attendees.

An assailant opens fire on Shias attending a mourning ceremony in eastern Saudi Arabia, killing two people and injuring a number of others

Saudi media on Friday reported an armed attack on a religious center in the Qatif region of Easter Province, saying two people lost their lives and four others sustained injuries in the assault. According to officials, the attacker has been killed and the injured have been transferred to hospital. At the time of attack, the Shias were commemorating the beginning of the mourning rituals of the month of Muharram. http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2015/10/16/433707/Saudi Arabia Shia Muh...


The Continuation of the Journey (While this had been going on) al-Husayn, peace be on him, had left Hajiz in the direction of Kufa until he came to one of the watering (places) of the Arabs. There there was 'Abd Allah b. Muti al-'Adawli, who was staying there. When he saw al-Husayn, peace be on him, he got up and said to him: "(May I ransom) my father and mother for you, son of the Apostle of God, what has brought you (here)?" He brought him (forward) and helped him to dismount. "It is a result of the death of Muawiya as you would know," replied al Husayn, peace be on him.

Ashura Mourning Gathering started in Kano +Pictures

The annual Ashura mourning organized by the members of the Islamic movement under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky (H) started on Thursday 2nd Muharram 1437 (15/10/2015) at the Fagge Jumma’at Mosque Kano with thousands in attendance, it started in the evening and ended around 9.00pm in the night. The speaker Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi elaborated some of the importance and lessons of Ashura. Also ittihadul Shu’arah recited various poems and songs of Ashura during the gathering.

Ashura Commemoration Kaduna 2015/1437

Ashura commemoration kick-off today 15 Octorber 2015 at Zango primary school T/wada Kaduna. The mourning of martyrdom of Imam Husain the grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAWA organized by the followers of Apostle of Allah`s Household under the leadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky [H], begins with Drama, poems and weeps. Malam Mukhtar Sahabi gave his remark on the significant of sacrifice in the way of Allah, just as Imam Husain As sacrifice His life, Household and his companions.

Ashurah 2015 Bauchi in Pictures

Various groups of the Shia Muslim of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaquob Alzakzaky (H), trecks to comemmoration of the matyrdo of Imam Hussain ground in Bauchi. The first lecture was presented by the Amir of Bauchi Malam Ahmad Yusuf Yashi, as you can see from the pictures below.


Imam Hussain (as) sets out on his Journey Al Husyan, the blessings of God be on him, set out from Mecca to Iraq on the day of Muslim's (attempted) rising in Kufa, that is the day of Tarwiya, after staying in Mecca for the rest of Shaban, the month of Rmadhan, Shawwal and Dhu al Qada and eight days of Dhu- al-Hijja in the year 60 A.H. (680). During his stay in Mecca, peace be on him, a number of Hijazis and Basrans had gathered around him, joining themselves to his household and his retainers (mawali).

Flag Hoisting and Ashura majlis

Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, will mark flag hoisting ceremony on the dome of Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria, the hoisting ceremony will kick start at around 4:00 pm today, after which the annual Ashura majlis will carry on to the end of Muharram.

Ghadeer Commemoration in Bauchi

Ghadeer Commemoration in Bauchi

On sunday the 27th of Dhul Hijjah 1436AH (12 of October 2015) Muslum brothers  under the Islamic Movement in Bauchi state Nigeria organised Ghadeer Commemoration, the programm took place at Markaz, Tafawa Balewa Estate  Bauchi. 

A Lecture was delivered on the event of Ghadeer by Shaikh Ahmad Yusuf Yashi.  

Nahjul Balagha 12th October, 2015 / 29th Zulhajj, 1436AH

You can listen or download Nahjul Balagha lesson, sermon 140 continuation by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Fudiyya Islamic Center dan magaji, zaria. Annual commemoration of the tragedy of Ashura will Insha Allah begin on Wednesday 14th October, 2015 at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria in the evening with hoisting of flag.

Awareness on Palestine and Islamic Movement Organized by Mu’assasatu Abul-Fadl Abbas at Gombe.

Mu’assasatu Abul-Fadl Abbas organized an awareness on Palestine and the Tragedy of Quds at Gombe State. The awareness was held at Hajiya Amina Inuwa Gombe Hall.

          The programme consist of two parts: Lecture delivered by Malam Muhammad Abbare on tragedy of Quds and Islamic movement. The 2nd part consist of projecting some videos  of bombardment carried out by Israel on Palestine and the tragedy of 25th july, 2014.


Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky stressed the need for collective effort towards reformation of society

At the sixth edition of the Annual Sallah Feast organized by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Allama Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky said, only through collective effort that sustained development can be achieved in any nation. Speaking as the Chief Host of the occasion held at the Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria, Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, each and every member of the society must see himself as part as a necessary catalyst for reformation of the society, and as well strive towards actualizing it.

Eid Mubahala (Imprecation)

The verse of Mubahala is verse 61 of
Sura Al 'Imran which is about the Prophet's (s) encounter with Christians of Najran and is an evidence for the virtues of Ashab al-Kisa' , especially Imam 'Ali (a) .
"Should anyone argue with you concerning him, after the knowledge that has come to you, say, 'Come! Let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, our souls and your souls, then let us pray earnestly and call down Allah's curse upon the liars.' (3:61)

Pictures of Eidl Ghadeer Celebration in Kano

The eid was celebrated on Monday 23/12/1436AH at markaz, kofar waika, Kano. The event was started around 4.30pm in the evening and ended around 10:15pm in the night, during the program, the full text of the well known Ghadeer sermon delivered by the holy prophet (S) at Ghadeer Kum after performing the farewell pilgrimage was read and translated in Hausa by Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi. Another activities held during the program are; magribain prayers, dramatical desplay of gadeer gathering, dinner and the recitation of ziyarat of the commander of the faithful Imam Ali (AS).

Eidl Ghadeer commemorated in Yola

Youth forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) have organized a program to commemorate the eidl Ghadeer in yola, Adamawa state on Friday 19th Zulhaj, 1436 AH (2/10/2015), the event took place at night. Below are some of the event's pictures.


إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. It is with deep regret we learnt the sad news of the passing away of Hajia Bilkisu Yusuf and Professor Tijjani El Miskin among hundreds of pilgrims that lost their lives in what was said to be a stampede in Minna Saudi Arabia at Jamratal Aqba. Words cannot convey our sorrows. We hereby extend our deep condolences to the families of these eminent Nigerians and the entire Muslim Ummah. Ibraheem Zakzaky


Yet another angle and a strong reason why an independent multinational probe is undeniably necessary:
Mossad and Saudi’s pre-coordinated the Mina stampede to abduct key members of The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Top NewsMossad has abducted a number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders , diplomats and prominent officials at last Thursday's stampede near the holy city of Mecca.

Day 1: Yaumul Eidhil ghadeer (Night Session) 1st October, 2015 / 18th Zulhajj, 1436AH

Ghadeer fiesta organized by the followers of Household of the Apostle of Allah continue After Maghribayn and Isha Prayers, here at Husainiyya  Baqiyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) shed light on how Sheikh bn  Dawoos  gave narration or report about Ghadeeril  Khumm, among others that brought Narration from 125 companions of Prophet Muhammad SAWA, which means the event of Ghadeer cannot be new invention (mutawatir).

Day 1: Yaumul Eidhil-ghadeer (Evening Session) 1st October, 2015 / 18th Zulhajj, 1436AH

Today 01/10/2015 equivalent to 18 of Zulhajj 1436 Hijiriyya, Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria commemorate Eidil-Ghadeer at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria Kaduna, the event begins with Poems Strictly for the noble Prophet (SAWA) and His  successor Aliyu bn Abu-talib As, Drama  presentation which demonstrated how the Apostle f Allah appointed His successor, among the event is the message delivery (of Ghadeer) by the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and feast.

Complete Khutba of Prophet Mohammad(p.b.u.h) on Eid-e-Ghadeer

(10 A.H./632 A.D.)
Non-Muslims who like to attack Islam accuse the Prophet of Islam of having neglected to name his successor, not knowing that he actually did exactly so in accordance with the Divine order which he had received on Thul-Hijja 17, 10 A.H./March 18, 632 A.D., announcing the name of his successor the very next day, and here are the details:

Ghadir - The Greatest Feast

Today I have perfected your religion and completed my favor upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion. (Quran 5:3) When Noah was appointed, he called upon his people and told them: Allah has called upon you to have faith in Him, and to follow His messengers. After me, there shall be a prophet who will bring the complete religion. He is the last prophet that will be sent from Allah. Abraham, Moses, Jesus… each with different Holy Books, each in different eras, they all came to reveal Allah's message and spoke of the Final Prophet.

Orientalists And The Event Of Ghadir Khumm

The 18th of Dhil-Hijjah 1410 AH is to be celebrated in the Shi'i world as the 1,400th anniversary of the declaration of Ghadir Khum in which the Prophet said the following about Imam Ali: 'Whomsoever's master (mawla) I am, this Ali is also his master.' This event is of such a significance to the Shi'as that no serious scholar of Islam can ignore it. The purpose of this paper is to study how the event of Ghadir Khum was handled by the orientalists.