March 2015




Peace be upon those who follow the right path

On the 25th and 26th of July the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has experienced a great amount of injustice where thirty four (34) members of the Movement including three (3) sons of the leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) were massacred on the street by a detachment of the Nigerian army headed by one Lt. Col. S.O Oku during a peaceful procession in Zaria.

Press release - Nigeria: IHRC condemns murderous army attack on Islamic Movement

IHRC condemns the weekend killing by Nigerian soldiers of another member of the country's Islamic Movement.

Umar Haruna was killed and two of his colleagues injured when soldiers opened fire on them after asking them for directions in Zango, a town located in the Tudun Wada area of the northern state of Kaduna.

Nigerian Armies killed one and Injured 4 in kaduna

Nigerian Army led by Capt. Sini killed a members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria and injured 4 today 30/03/2015 at kwai street T/wada Kaduna. The incidence occurred when the soldiers wanted to penetrate the sealed gate of Markaz (where Muslim Ummah reside), they were informed that the gate was sealed they left and came back for arrest of the person that inform them that there is no passage yet they were asked to produce arrest permit they could not, instead they opened fire.

Brother Umar-Farouq Abubakar 25years old was shot dead, while

Soldiers killed one, injured 4 Members of the Islamic movement in Kaduna State , Nigeria

Monday around 4.45 pm, armed soldiers stormed Kaduna Markaz of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, opened fire and killed one, 2 injured.

The soldiers in a white Hilux van with their commandant named Captain Sene stormed the residence and arrested one Brother who told them it was restricted residential area, not passage of vehicles.

Having released the Brother, the Captain Sene shot the three Brothers at close range and left the area.

AFIM calls for immediate release of members of the Islamic Movement

Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIM), a coalition of students from tertiary institutions across the country have demanded the immediate and unconditional release of three illegally detained members of the Islamic Movement by the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS).
At a press conference in Kaduna, coordinator of the Forum, Shuaibu Ahmad narrated in February, 2013, the SSS unlawfully arrested Haruna Abbas and Ibrahim Husain, and the recent arrest of another member Ado Hujjah.

Fatima Zahra (AS): From grief to grave, by Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

At the commemoration of Sayyidah Zahra (SA)’s martyrdom on 3rdJimada Thani 1436 (23/03/2015) at the Baqiyyatullah Hussainiyyah, Zaria, His Emminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in a two-segment lecture read out historical texts on the suffering, martyrdom and burial  of Sayyidah Zahra (SA). Excerpts:


Agony of Sayyidah Zahra (AS) after the death of her Father


Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky set to commemorate the matyrdom of Sayyida Fatima Az-Zahra (s) Today at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah in the Evening. The programme is the second due to variation of Narrations on the actual date of her Martyrdom.

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin: The Father of Palestinian Resistance

Ahmed Ismael Yassin was born in 1938 in the
destroyed village of Al-Joura, Majdal district, near
the present-day Zionist town of Ashkelon — or
Askalan in Arabic. Yassin’s father died when he was
five years old.
The young Ahmed Yassin joined Al Jora elementary
school and continued studying there till the fifth
grade until 1948. In 1948 Nakba or the usurpation of
most of Palestine at the hands of Zionist gangs the
young Yassin was forced to flee at the age of 12
along with his family and thousands of other

Education can only flourish through sustainable, voluntary contribution – Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

Analyzing the country’s current educational predicament in relation to the Islamic Movement’s effort in placing its Fudiyyah model schools on sound footing, His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says, only sustainable contribution from committed minds can actualize the set objective. 

He made the statement at the close of conference by the Education and Moral Training Committee, held at the Jannatu Daar al-Rahma, Zaria on Sunday (15/03/2015).


Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky closes seminar with a call on youths to dedicate their time to service of Allah

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) says adolescent age is a very critical and sensitive period, and therefore should be molded and geared towards service of the Creator.

He made the statement at the close of a two-day seminar organized by the Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, held on Saturday at the Fudiyyah Islamic Centre, Danmagaji, Zaria.

Mourning for Zahra (pbuh)

In the middle of the night, the cry of a hopeless sorrow flew out of this house. And then some more... The women from the Ghorayche tribe, especially those from the Bani Hashem tribe, came out of their houses, and with hair flowing on their shoulders to show the depth of their sorrow, they began marching to Fâtemeh's house, to make their condolences to Hazratê Ali and to Fatemeh's little children, now orphans… The men of Medina came by large groups to show their respect to Ali, and to mourn with him.

3rd Day Martyrdom Commemoration of Lady Fatima (AS)

Today 6/3/15 equivalent to 16/05/1436(Hijiriyya), the martyrdom of Sayyada Zahra AS ended up late on the day after two days consecutive commemoration by the member of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria, the sitting begins with condolence poems, lecture, and conclusion part of Fadakiyya sermon (of Sayyada Zahra SA) by Sayyid Zakzaky Ibraheem (H) among other events.