July 2014


Friday 25th July, 2014 has been marked globally as International Quds Day. It is a day set aside by late Imam Khomeini (Q.S) to show solidarity with the Palestinian people whose land and lives are being surfed by the illegal state of the Zionist Israel regime. It was marked with peaceful processions and rallies world over to identify and commiserate with the people of Palestine over their ordeal. The need to support and show amitywith the Palestinians couldn’t have been at a better time than now.

Nigerian army’s massacre of Quds rally participants

The zionists are slaughtering innocent Palestinians in Gaza while their agents around the world are busy killing those that protest such crimes. This is what happened in Nigeria when the army opened fire on Quds Day rally participants killing 25 instantly. Another 12 people were arrested and executed at an army compound. The dead included three sons of Mallam Ibrahim Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

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Wednesday July 30, 2014, 21:23 DST

The Ahl-ul Bait World Assembly of Sydney, Australia Condoles Sheikh Zakzaky

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly of Sydney, Australia sent a condolence adn empathy letter to Sheikh Zakzaky over Quds Day Martyrs. The letter, signed by it Secretary Sayed Hadi Sadeghi, was sent on 28th of July 2014. They expressed their heartfelt condolence as follows " Here in Sydney, Friday 25-07-14 was a sad day; we were deeply saddened to hear the news about the criminal events happened during the demonstration of the World Day of Quds in Nigeria which caused the martyrdom of 33 persons of fasteners and anti-Zionist followers of the Holy Ahl ul-Bayt ( a.s. ), including your 3 sons.

Bloody Quds Day: Soldiers Killed atleast 15 among them 3 Children of Sheikh Zakzaky

Friday 25-07-14 is a sad day, akin to a black Friday, in which some security agents of the federal republic of Nigeria, soldiers by the khaki they wore, gunned down, as at the time of writing this press release, 15  Innocent fasting Muslim brothers,

who were peacefully voicing their discontent with the unfortunate massacre of Palestinians by Israel. Zaria residents are a witness to the peaceful nature of the procession which took off from Sabon Gari Jumaat mosque up to its termination point at Kofar Doka, Zaria City.

Quds Day Procession in Zaria Attacked by Soldiers + Pictures

Quds day procession did not end well in Zaria due to the horrific attack by soldiers. So far, 10 people have been reported killed by Soldiers while over 40 were injured in an attack. The Soldiers opened fire at the tail end of the procession.

Mahmud Ibraheem: one of the sons of the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria is confirmed to be among the victims while three of His children were arrested by the soldiers.

QUDS: The Focus of Muslims Grief

The last Friday in the month of Ramadan is the day of Quds. In remembrance of al-Quds Muslims world-wide should proclaim their support of the Islamic nation of Palestine. The holy city of Jerusalem is where the al-Aqsa Mosque, refered to as the remote mosque in the Qur'an is located.
"Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed his precincts, so that We may show him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing. (HQ 17: 1)


International Day of al-Quds is an annual event, supporting a just peace for Palestine, and opposing Apartheid Israel’s control of Jerusalem (al-Quds in Arabic: القـُدْس), the international city that stands as a powerful symbol to three of the world’s great religious traditions.  Pro-justice and anti-Zionist Apartheid demonstrations are held on this day in most Muslim and Arab countries and by Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the world, including the United States.  It is held each year on the last Friday of the Muslim month of Ramadhan.  The Day of al-Quds

Tafseer 24th July, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara, Verse 253 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. Alhamdulillah, today was the closing day for the tafseer of the Ramadan session. Insha Allah Nahjul Balagha and Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an which usually take place on mondays and wednesdays will begin on monday(4th August, 2014) and wednesday (6th August, 2014) continiously.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria set to observe International Quds Day

Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guardianship of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) will on this Friday join people from around the world to observe the International Quds Day in solidarity with the Palestinians.

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Tafseer 23rd July, 2014

You Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara, Verse 149 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). He also urges us to spend todays night (night of 27th Ramadan) with "ibadat" 

The Martyrdom Of The Faithful: Imam Ali(A.S.)

Talking about martyrdom and martyrs has never been an easy task, but it grows much more difficult when we are talking about the martyrdom of the Commander of the Faithful and the Master of the Pious: Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (A. S.).

Imam Ali was assassinated in Kufa by the most evil of Allah's creation; Abdel Rahman bin Muljim, a Khariji, on the twenty first of Ramadhan year 40 A.H.; of an age of 63 years that were spent in serving Allah's cause upholding justice, and establishing God's rule on earth.

The Imam's Fatal Hours

Tafseer 16th July, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara, Verse 229 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.Also,the night of 19 Ramadhan 40 A.H. marked the beginning of one of the greatest losses to humanity.when Abdurrahman Ibn Muljam (LA) struck Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Ameerul Mumineen) with a poisonous sword on his forehead which lead to his martyrdom on 23rd Ramadan.

Islamic Movement to mourn martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS)


Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has announced the commencement of mourning of the martyrdom of Ameerul Mu’mineen (AS) from the 19th day of Ramadan.


Sheikh Zakzaky (H) made the announcement at end of the 18th day Ramadan Tafsir which is taking place at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

The life of Commander of Faithful- Ali ibn Abu thalib (as)

Name: Ali.
Title: al-Murtada.
Agnomen. Abu. 'l-Hasan.
Father's name: Abu Talib ibn `Abd al-Muttalib.
Mother's name: Fatimah bint Asad.
Birth: In the Holy Ka'bah in Mecca on Friday, 13th Rajab 23 BH.

Death: Died at the age of 63, in Kufah (Iraq) on Monday, 21st Ramadan 40 AH; murdered by an assassin who mortally wounded him with a poisoned sword in the mosque of Kufah during the morning prayer on 19th Ramadan; buried in an-Najaf al-Ashraf (Iraq).

Tafseer 12th July, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara Verse 219 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. After the tafseer of the Holy Qur'an, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) spoke briefly on the life of Imam Hasan al Mujtaba (as) whose birth was on a day like today (15th Ramadan).

Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba (as) - 2nd Imam

Name - Hasan

Title - Al-Mujtaba

Kunyat - Abul Muhammad

Born - Tuesday, 15th Ramadan 3 AH at Medina

Father's Name - Ali ibn Abu Talib (as)

Mother's Name - Fatima (as) Daughter of the Holy Prophet (saw)

Died - at the age of 46 years, at Medina, on Thursday, 28th Safar, 50 AH.

Buried - at the cemetery of Jannat-ul-Baqi in Medina

Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (A.S.): Leader of the Youth of Paradise

On the 15th of the holy month of Ramadan, the small mud house occupied by the Commander of the Faithful and Sayyida Fatima Zahra (peace be upon them) witnessed the birth of its first child. Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (peace be upon him) was born in Medina in the third year after Hijrah. His Islamic training was led by the two champions of Islam: the Prophet Muhammad educated him for eight years; his father, Imam Ali, was also his mentor for over 25 years.


The new scramble for Africa marked the pinnacle of the Western Imperialists’ ambition on the continent of Africa with great expectation from Nigeria. By becoming aware of the state of the Nigerian affair and some countries in Africa, through careful and directed attention, obviously one would soon realize that all kind of concerned people are not satisfied with the situation of many countries in the continent and possibly not happy.


The NATO proxy army that goes
by the name of ISIS has founded
its caliphate and has announced
one of its thugs- Abu Bakr al
Baghdadi- as the Caliph over the
Muslims and has asked all the
armed factions for obedience
otherwise their heads shall be
split .
The new caliph appointed by the
CIA has also in his turn appointed
another thug to rule Lebanon
called Abdel Salam al Urduni-
meaning the Jordanian- an ex al
Nusrat who converted to ISIS and
became thus promoted and
appointed as a ruler for