June 2014

Ittihadu Shu’ara Kaduna organizes Maulud of Imam Mahdi (AF)

Ittihadu Shu’ara (Poets’ Forum) of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky Kaduna zone has on Friday commemorated the birthday of the Awaited Saviour Imam Mahdi (AF), alongside that of Leader of the Movement. visit this link for more;http://www.islamicmovement.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article...

Martyrs Remembered in Kaduna in Pictures

On Friday 27/06/2014 Members of the islamic Movement of Nigeria under the Ieadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) Kaduna, has  remembered martyrs who have given their lives for the sake of Allah at various episodes 1996, during the late General Sani Abacha despotic military regime.

Men, women and children marched peacefully through the streets in Tudunwada, from Layin Kosai mosque through Bashama road, with colourful flags chanting songs in praise of the fallen heroes, to the grave yard.

Tafseer 28th June, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara, Verse 183 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. He also spoke on some do and don't that makes our fasting valid in the blessed month of ramadan. 

Tafseer 25th June, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara, Verse 174 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an will Insha Allah continue from today, Wednesday (25th june, 2014) henceforth at Husainyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria by 4:30pm.

“Sibt-un-Nabi” International Congress Opens in Tehran

The Ahlulbayt (AS) World Assembly in collaboration with other organizers are holding the first “Sibt-un-Nabi” International Congress in Tehran.

Monday (June 22) was the opening ceremony of the two-day congress. The main objective of the international congress is to introduce the virtues of Imam Hassan (AS), the second infallible Imam, to the world.

Christians join Muslims to commemorate Imam Ali’s birthday + Pictures

Christians in Sabon Gari, Zaria have joined members of the Islamic Movement under the guidance of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to commemorate the Maulud of Ameerul Mu’mineen Ali Bin Abi Talib (AS).


The grand finale of the ceremony in the area organized by the Youth Forum of the Movement on Sunday, was attended by Christian faithful from Christian Teaching Church, Muchiya Sabon Gari, Nasara Baptist Church, Tudun Jukun, as well as youths from various church denominations.


Malam Turi-''Shaikh Zakzaky’s Call solution to Nigeria’s Problems''

Malam Muhammad Mahmoud Turi has identified the call of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky as the panacea to the Nigeria’s myriad problems that defied all political solutions since its inceptions as an independent country.

He made the statement as a guest speaker at the grand finale quiz competition by Wahda Forum under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, as part of event marking the Nisf Sha’aban celebration, held at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. He spoke on the topic, “Shaikh Zakzaky’s Call: Panacea to Nigeria’s Problems and Views of Global Clerics and Thinkers”.

BABUL ILMI Quiz competition and parade competition held in Bauchi 22/8/1435 (19/6/2014)

Various Fudiyya Islamic Schools of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria held a competitions on various games and parade in Bauchi state. Bauchi state Fudiyya Islamic schools have been organizing this events for several years back.

Children from various schools have attended the occasion and held various games and parade.

in games and parade Alkaleri Fudiyya Islamic School held the most praises and hence the go along with the cup as can be seen in the pictures. 

in part of parade, Fudiyya Bauchi became first, fudiyya Darazo became second and fudiyya Alkaleri became third.

several praises have been giving by the guests and the acting amir of Muslim Brothers in Bauchi.

Tafseer 18th June, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of The Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara, Verse 172 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. Tafseer of The Holy Qur'an which is suppose to take place next week wednesday 25th June, 2014 is extended to Ramadan in sha Allah.


 A plan by the Nigerian  security operatives together with some Masked
gun-men to attack the reverd leader of Islamic movement in Nigeria,
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky at his residence in Gyallesu area of Zaria,
Kaduna state has failed.
These forces came to the area of Gyellesu  with Jeeps and some Hilux
shaped security Vehicles around 1am and directly approached the house
of the revered leader with sophisticated guns and other armunations.
 As a result , some brothers prevented them from the devilish mission

Hurras Parade Competition in Pictures

As part of the Nisf Sha'aban celebration, Hurras of the islamic movement in Nigeria have conducted a successful parade compatiton on Sunday 17th Sha'aban 1435 (15/6/2014), at the end of the competition award were given to the winning zones. The programme was well attended. Here are some of the event's pictures.

Youth Day: The Need For Active Participation In Community Development Projects!

By Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi

We relate to you their story In truth; they were youths Who believed in their Lord, and We increased them In guidance; We gave strength to their hearts; Behold, they stood up And said; our Lord is The Lord of the heavens And of the earth; never Shall we call upon any god Other than Him: if we Did, we should indeed Have uttered an enormity!” Q18:13-14


May His everlasting peace and blessings be upon His noble servant our master Muhammad and his purified progeny.

The Awaited Saviour

The Mahdi (AF ) is a symbol of an aspiration which all mankind acknowledges, everyone regardless of their faith or belief in the Final Day; a day when justice and equity will overcome injustice and oppression and peace and tranquility will prevail. This belief is not just source of consolation, it is also a source of virtue and strength, a fountain of hope for every persecuted individual and for every oppressed nation. Although the concept of the Mahdi is older than Islam and more widespread than the Muslim community, Islam has a concrete shape to an abstract idea.

Tafseer 11th June, 2014

You Can Listen or Download Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an. Suratul Baqara Verse 166 By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at Husainyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. He also emphasized on fasting, praying and during the supplications of 13th, 14th and 15th day of Shaaban which are wednesday, thursday and friday (11th, 12th, 13th june) also the event of Nisfush-shaaban will Insha Allah commence on Friday 13th June, 2014.

Sister's Forum organized a Tadreeb in Kano (Pictures)

Sister's forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria organized a tadreeb for the sisters in Kano, the tadreeb lasted for 3 days from Friday 6/6/2014 to Sunday 8/6/2014, during which different scholars discussed on several topics, also some of the participants of the Zahra essay competition attends the closing day where Malama Maimuna Abdullahi encourage them to continue in research on the holy household. Malam Muhammad Mahmoud Turi gave the closing lecture. Below are some of the pictures taken on the closing day.


Imam Hussain (as): The Prince and Sunshine of Martyrdom

Human history may be seen as a record of the eternal struggle between right and wrong, virtue and vice, good and evil, and righteousness and wickedness. This struggle was decreed by God when Adam, an earthly creature, was sent to earth to engage in this eternal battle. It is through this struggle that human beings can earn their eternal bliss in the Gardens of Paradise, or their eternal punishment in the Fire. In the history of nations this struggle often attains universal significance as that moment of the struggle can speak to all subsequent times and situations.

25 Years After Ruhullah: Treading The Right Track Of A Great Imam Of The Ummah!

By Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi
In the name of Allah who states “O soul that art at rest, return unto thy Lord, well pleased, well pleasing (Allah), enter among my servants, and enter my garden” Q89: 27-30.
May his everlasting peace and blessings be upon his noble servant our master Muhammad and his purified progeny.
As noted earlier, Rajab is a very eventful month. Added to the elaborated events were the war of Khaibar on 24th and the beginning of revelation on 27th respectively.

Imam's Week 2014 wrapped up In Zaria



On Sunday the 8th of June, 2014 the Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky delivered a closing lecture on 25th Imam’s Week (2014) that was organized by Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Sokoto Road, Zaria.

 Prior to his lecture, various topics were discussed by invited scholars during the 10-day program.

Imam Khomeini's inspiring Leadership

by Zafar Bangash
June, 2014

Given the paucity of good leaders in the Muslim world, Imam Khomeini, who joined heavenly company in June 1989, offers an example of great leadership.
Imam Khomeini was a towering personality who changed the course of history in profound ways. As Muslims worldwide commemorate the 25th anniversary of his departure (June 3) from this world, his legacy on the global stage remains firmly established. It can be said with confidence that he was perhaps the most successful revolutionary of the 20th century, unmatched and unrivalled by anyone.

Nigeria: Lament of a Nation

By Adamu Adamu

Adamu Adamu is an Islamic movement activist and has for many years been affiliated with the CI.

What is Boko Haram, what role is the American CIA playing in its promotion and who else is behind it are questions addressed by Adamu Adamu in Nigeria

Imam Ali Ibn Husain Zainul Abideen (a.s)

Imam ali Zainul-Abideen (A.S.) was born in Medina on Saturday, 11th Jamad al-Awwal, 37 (A.H.). His father was Imam Al-Husain (son of Ali and Fatima Al-Zahraa’, the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH). Zainul-Abideen’s mother was Shar Banu. Zainul Abideen spent his early years learning from men of outstanding knowledge. The first three years of his life were spent in the guidance of his grandfather Imam Ali. For his first twelve years he was very close to and tutored his uncle, Al- Hasan. And he was tutored mainly by his father Al-Husain.

Abul-Fadl Abbas Foundation organized the Maulud of Sayyid Abbas + Pictures

Abul-Fadl Abbas Foundation have on Monday 4th Sha’aban, 1435 (2/6/2014) organized a program to mark the birthday anniversary of Sayyid Abul-Fadl Abbas, at Hussainiya Baqiyatullah Zaria , the program took place in the night.

Malam Abubakar Abdullahi Sokoto brief the attendees on the history of the great warrior ABBAS, where he says Abbas is the son of Imam Ali (AS) and Fatima bnt Hizam (Ummu Baneen),

He further enumerated some of the lessons we can copy from Abbas the best of such is sacrifice.

Below are some of the pictures taken at the event.

Imam Khomaini’s Revolution is for the Entire world: Brother Shehu S Abdussalam


‘’Imam Khomaini’s Revolution is for the Entire world’’ said Brother Shehu Shuaibu Abdussalam  today 01/06/2014 at the 25th Imam Khomaini’s week organized by Academic Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria (AFIMN) in Theater AB hall, Quantity Survey, Ahmadu bello University Zaria (ABU)

 The recitation of Holy Quran was said by Brother Umar Muhammad and S. S Abdussalam was chaired by Mal Sameer Yusuf to discuss on the topic; Muslims and the contemporary world challenges: The call for intellectual revolution.

Zahra Essay Competition: A car Winner emerged

Aina'u Muhammad Surajo emerged winner of the Essay Competions on Sayyidah fatimah Az-Zahra which took place in Jimada thani 1435. The Competition, which was about bringing  20 Hadeeth of Sayyidah Fatimah (salamul lah aliaha),  was only for females outside the Islamic Movement. for more on this news, please follow the following link;http://www.islamicmovement.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article...