January 2014

The Diary of Mai Tantaki: My Personal Reflection

By Buhari B. Jega Human history may be seen as a record of the eternal struggle between right and wrong, virtue and vice, good and evil, and righteousness and wickedness. This struggle was decreed by God when Adam, an earthly creature, was sent to earth to engage in this eternal battle. It is through this struggle that human beings can earn their eternal bliss in the Gardens of Paradise, or their eternal punishment in the Fire.

Unity week in Iran: Rafsanjani urges Muslims to be unite

The 27th Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, Iran, came to a close on Sunday. Addressing the closing ceremony, Head of the State Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has called for unity among world Muslims. He stressed that Muslims can turn into world’s biggest power by maintaining their unity and consensus. “Today, we need real unity of the Muslim world”, Rafsanjani added.

Why was Prophet Muhammad(saw)’s Father Called “Abdullah (slave of Allah)”?

Questions have been asked as to why the name Allah was known BEFORE Islam was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad(saw). Typically, our Christian missionary friends have been spinning this as to mean Allah was a pagan god as the pagan Arabs knew of the word “Allah” before the coming of the Prophet and Islam? The Holy Quran states: "And see your abasement among those who fall prostrate." According to the commentary of "Madarik", "Jamal," etc.

Unity week Begins in Kano (Pictures)

As part of the effort of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) to bring unity among Muslims, members of the movement in Kano gathered on Tuesday 29th Rabiul-Auwal 1435 (28/1/2014) evening at Markaz Kano to mark the unity week. Sayyid Khidir spoke on the first day on the topic “The relationship between Tijjaniya and Shi’a”. after his speech Malam Muhammad Turi briefly gave a remark and presented a gift to the speaker and later close the gathering with prayer.

Re: The Twelve Imams (1)…Mumtaz Ya Ustaz

By Mahfuz Mudadu The piece authored by UstazAbubakarSiddeeq on January 3, 2014 published by Leadership Newspaper, in response to Sheikh Turi’s column yet attracts my humble response. This time around I intend to make it shortand sharp. Hence, my resort to “Scene X Act Y” approach. Ustaz Abukara Siddeeq Muhammad: Last week I concluded my two part series: THE PROPHET (SAW) DID NOT CERTIFY A SUCCESSOR BEFORE HIS DEMISE, My response: The Holy Prophet indeed appointed a successor. The fact that you do not know does not necessarily mean it did not happened.

Why Muslims Must Unite - By Imam of Duala Mosque, Cameroun

Sheikh Musa Ladan, Chief Imam of Duala National Mosque in Cameroun, was among speakers at the
annual Maulud celebration organized by the
Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in
Nigeria which took place at the conference hall
of the Abuja National Mosque, Saturday.
Malam Musa Ladan pointed out that, for the
obvious fact that Muslims have one Qur’an and
recognized Prophet Muhammad (S) as the Seal
of all the prophets who came with the final
message of Islam, division among them is
therefore unnecessary.

Imam of Abuja National Mosque Defends Maulud Celebration

Chief Imam of Abuja National Mosque, Ustaz Musa Muhammad says, “There is none like our Prophet, our love for him can never be gauged in whatever form, and therefore celebrating his birthday is an
expression of our deep rooted love and respect
for him”.
He made the statement at the Annual Maulud
celebration organized by Resource Forum of
the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, held at the
conference hall of Abuja National Mosque.
He said, the Holy Prophet was reported to
have remembered his birthday during his life


It described it as the honor of the true faithful believers. It brings about good health, erases the sins committed in days, saves from the loneliness in graves, beautifies the face, perfumes the body smell, and produces sustenance. Wealth and sons are the ornament of this worldly life, and to offer eight units of prayer at the last hours of night, in addition to a one-unit prayer, is the ornament of the Hereafter. These two ornaments may be granted together by Almighty Allah to some people.

Resource Forum of Islamic Movement in Nigeria organised a Maulud to Celebrate the Birth of The Holy Prophet (S) at Abuja. (Pictures)

On Saturday the 25th of January 2014, the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered lecture during a Maulid lecture organised by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement, at Conference Hall of National Mosque Abuja. Others that spoke at the event include, the Chief Imam of Doula Mosque in Cameroun Malam Musa Ladan and also the chief imam of Abuja National Mosque Ustaz Musa Muhammad.

Malam Turi Addresses Maulud Celebration in Kudan

During the night session, special guest at the occasion Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi addressed the teeming population who had gathered at the central primary school to mark the occasion. Malam Turi enumerated virtues of the Holy Prophet, and the reward associated with celebrating his birth. He also explained the mission of the Holy Prophet, which he said, is to salvage the society through the establishment of Islam, the true religion. According to him, Prophet Muhammad (S) won the hearts of the people through good conduct that they testified to his transparent honesty.

Kautal ko'e Julbe Celebrates the Maulud of Nabiy at Hussainiya Baqiyatullah, Zaria

Kautal ko’e Julbe have organized a maulud at Hussainiya Baqiyatullah to commemorate the birth day of the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) on sunnday 18th Rabiul-Auwal 1435 (19/1/2014), where Fulani from different part of Nigeria including the neighboring Niger Republic and Republic of Cameroon have attended the occasion. Also, members of kautal ko’e Julbe from Jalingo, Katsina, Zaria, Potiskum, Kaduna, Yola, Gombe, Pambegua, Makarfi and Doguwa have performed the Fulani cultural dance.

The solution to our problems is in our Religion: Sheikh Zakzaky at Maulud ProcessionTerminating Speech

A maulud procession took place in Zaria on Saturday 17th Rabiul-Auwal (18/1/2014) to mark the birthday of the holy Prophet (S). The leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) spoke at the terminating ground of the procession, this is the brief summary of his speech.

Quiz Competition Between Fudiyyah Schools (Pictures)

Quiz competition was conducted on 5th january 2014  in the ongoing unity week, Students attempted questions in subjects like Arabic, Fiqh, Tarikh (sirah), English, Maths and Primary Science. Fudiyyah Schools from different part of the country participated in the quiz and was attended by a large number of audience. Below are the pictures taken during the competition.

3rd Day Unity Week Lecture By Malam Isma'il Garba Kummi at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria (Night Session)

The Speaker Malam Isma'il Garba Kummi Who was Chaired by Malam Abdulhamid Bello on The Topic "The Obligation in defending the Personality of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) " after which Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) gave remark.

2nd Day Unity Week lecture by Hon. Justice Aliyu I. Ardido at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria (Night Session)

The Programme was Chaired by Dr Abdullahi Danladi, the Speeker was Honourable Justice Aliyu Ardido on the topic "Role of Youth in Bringing Change" "gudumawar matasa gurin kawo sauyi", after which Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) gave remark.

First Day Unity Week Lecture by Sayyid Khidir at Hussainiyah Baqiyatullah,Zaria

The first unity week lecture was delivered by Sayyid Khidir, he spoke on the "Importane of Wila'a" . Sheikh Khidr described Wilayah as the most important aspect of Islam being the soul of Islam. He said the holy Prophet (SAWA) left no stone unturned as he taught the Ummah everything- be it small or big, and as such he could not leave the Ummah without a wasiy (guide) after him. Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky made his remark.

Pakistan hails Shia Schoolboy as hero.

Pakistan hails Shia
schoolboy as hero
A Shia Pakistani school boy is
being hailed as a national hero
after sacrificing his life to stop
a Taliban bomber in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa Province.
The 15- year-old Aitizaz
Hassan was given Pakistan’s
highest award for gallantry on
The student prevented a
tragedy when he threw himself
on top of a man who came to
bomb his school in the
northwestern district of Hangu
on Monday.
The attacker was forced to
detonate his bomb at the gate

Shia Islam standing strong against radicalism in Yemen.

As Yemen continues to undergo profound metamorphoses, its people driven by a need to reinvent their nation and more
importantly the principles that command and define them as a
nation following decades of blind nepotism, Yemen highlands has
cried out in rejection of Sunni radicalism, bent on reclaiming its
Shia heritage.
From both a purely historical and religious perspective, such a revival of

Welcoming celebration of Maulud 2014 By children in Bauchi State Nigeria

Like other states in Nigeria, Bauchi state were not left behind for the welcoming rally of the month of Rabiul Auwal for the Maulud of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Pupil in mass number have come from diffrent local government of the state and they are the students of FUDIYYA NURSERY AND PRIMARY
SCHOOLS and some of non Fudiyya also attended.
The following pictures shows how the rally was conducted.

Fudiyyah Students in Jalingo welcomes the month of Rabiul-Auwal + Pictures

On Friday 2nd Rabiul-Auwal 1435 (3/1/2014) students of Fudiyya Nursery and Primary School Jalingo have conducted a parade exercise in Jalingo the capital city of Taraba state, the parade is annually performed to welcome the month of Rabiul-Auwal the month in which the holy prophet Muhammad (sawa) was born. The parade followed some of the major streets in the town which include Lamurde Road, Hamma-Ruwa way, and Palace way among others.

Sheikh Turi pays courtesy call to khalifa Al-Maghili Sharif Abbas + Pictures

On Thursday 1st of Rabiul Auwal, 1435 (2/1/2014) Malam Muhammad M Turi, with some members of Islamic movement in Nigeria, paid a courtesy call to Sharif Abbas the Khalifa of Muhammad bin Abdul Kareem Al Maghili (one of the descendants of Rasul (SAWA) ,at Sharifai quarters in Kano city, Nigeria.

Pilgrims of Karbala visited Sheikh Zakzaky at his Residence (pictures)

Members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria that were opportune to attend the Arbaeen commemoration of Imam Hussain (a.s) at Karbala have a safe return to Nigeria. The pilgrims visited Sheikh Zakzaky (H) before they left for Karbala, they also visited him upon their return at His residence in Zaria.

Iran plans satellite launch in February: Official

An Iranian aerospace official says the country plans to launch an indigenously designed and manufactured satellite into orbit in early February next year. 

Deputy head of Iran Space Agency (ISA), Hamid Fazeli, said on Tuesday that final tests are being carried out on several indigenous satellites. They include Sharif Sat, developed by Iranian students and academics from Sharif University of Technology, and AUT Sat, developed by Iranian scientists at Amir Kabir University of Technology.

NSA building new quantum computer to break all encryption

The US National Security Agency is planning to build a "cryptologically useful quantum computer" in order to break almost all encryption worldwide.

The latest documents revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden said the quantum computer will be “exponentially faster than other classical computers,” The Washington Post said in a Thursday report.

Islamic Movement marks the demise of the Holy Prophet(S) at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

28th of Safar is the day for commemoration of the demise or martyrdom of the holy Prophet Muhammad Bn Abdullahi (sallallah alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam). 

The martyrdom of the Prophet  on this day is commemorated worldwide by the Followers of Ahlulbayt (AS). The Islamic Movement in Nigeria commemorated the day at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on 31 of Dec. 2013, a programme  attended by thousands from far and near.