Arbaeen Symbolic trek from Kano to Zaria, Day 3 + Pictures

In the third day of the ongoing Arbaeen symbolic trek from Kano to Zaria the mouners left Tashan Dogo by 8.00am in the morning and stayed for about 2hours at Gwarmai town in order to conduct the Friday congregational prayer and take their lunch. People with physical disabilities were also not left behind in the trekking, During the third day trekking exercise the mourners stay at the destination where two brothers (Jawad Kabeer and Hussain Ishaq) martyred in the last years arbaeen symbolic trek for about 5mins in the honor of the martyrs, and later the trekking continues until it reached Kwanan Dangora where the mourners will take some rest there and will continue with the trekking tomorrow morning God willing. Below are some of the pictures of today's trekking