Arbaeen Symbolic trek from kano to Zaria, Day 2 + Pictures

Arbaeen symbolic trek from kano to zaria continues in the early hours of today Thursday 16th Safar, 1435 equivalent to 19th December 2013, the second day trek began from kura and end up at Tashan Dogo a distance of about 20km, during the trekking the trekkers branched at chiromawa to pray their zuhur and asr and also take their lunch, the number of those who participated in the trek increases because members of the Islamic movement that based in the towns and villages around the route that lead from kano to zaria also join their clique when they reached them at their respective destinations to be with them in their trek to zaria.

Residents of the villages around the route of the trekkers also convey in the road side to witness the trekking exercise while they gathered the members of the movement explain briefly to them the purpose of their trekking and what happens to the family of the holy prophet (sawa) more than 1000 years ago. You can view some of the pictures of the day 2 trekking exercise below