Arba'een Symbolic trek from kano to Zaria, Day 1 + Pictures

The early hours of Wednesday 15th safar 1435 equivallent to 18th December 2013, hundreds of thousands of the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria began the annual arbaeen symbolic treck from fagge jummuat mosque in the city of Kano to Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah zaria, the trek was attended by the different members of the movement including children, youths, and old age which came from the various part of the country which include kano, malam madori, kazaure, Azare, Potiskum Maiduguri and some other parts of the North western part of Nigeria. The treck will cover about 170km which is the distance from kano to zaria, in the first day it covers about 38km which is from kano to kura and the trekkers will sleep there (kura), the trek will continue tomorrow insha Allah, below are the pictures of those who participated in today’s trek.