Arbaeen Commemoration: Karbala event is victory of blood against sword- S- Zakzaky(H)

Millions of people attended the annual Arbaeen Commemoration of Imam Husain (A.S.) in Zaria. The members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria trekked a symbolic trek for days to Zaria from various places across Nigeria. They converged at Polo ground adjacent to Baqiyyatullah Husainiyyah on Tuesday the 20th of Safar 1435 (24/12/13). The city of Zaria was stand still on the Tuesday due to a massive gathering of people never seen in recent years. Flags of different colours and inscriptions such as ‘ya Husain’ in Arabic were raised in the sky. A dramatic Karbala incidence was performed by members of I.M Production on what happened at Yazid’s Palace when the family of Imam Husain (AS) were taken to Damascus. In the drama the sermons of Sayydah Zainab(SA) and Imam Zaynul Abidin(AS) were recited in local Hausa language - sermons which invoked tears as people listened. All this took place before the lecture of Sheikh Zakzaky on Karbala tragedy. In his inspiring speech, Sheikh Zakzaky(H) delivered a lecture on the Ashura tragedy, the motives of the Killers of Imam Husain(AS) and the historic sacrifice of the holy Imam which saved Islam. He spoke on Yazid’s crime, calling it the worst of all crimes in the history of humanity, in which the aim was to ‘kill’ Islam. On the sacrifice and of Imam Husain which saved Islam and brought the aim of the Killers to naught, Sheikh Zakzaky described such a sacrifice as a sacrifice which saved not only Islam but humanity at large - both Muslims and non-Muslims, due to its numerous lessons. He further said Imam Husain (AS)’s revolution is a revolution which saved Islam not by the power of weapons but by the power of sacrifice as It is the victory of blood against sword. The Sheikh said as Imam(AS) had announced before he left Madina, Imam’s revolution is to bring about reform in the religion of the Prophet(SAWA) and the reform was rightly achieved through the Imam’s sacrifice in Karbala, the sheikh noted. Karbala tragedy will live forever, he expressed. After the lecture by Sheikh Zakzaky, He led a funeral prayer for Nasrallah, a 7 year boy, who lost his life in a motor accident on their way to Zaria from Yola to attend Arbaeen commemoration.