Another plot against IMN in Jos Exposed

By Saifullahi M Kabir

Reports reaching us from authentic source is that the despotic Nigerian government is planning to demolish the movement's learning center in Rogo quarters of Jos, plateau state.

The report as revealed to us further added that Nigerian army in alliance with a particular organization which has it's head in Jos are those to execute the plan. And they decide to demolish the learning center "Markhaz" for according to them, that is the only place IMN members are gathering and conducting their programs since after the December 12-14 Massacre in Zaria.

After the Nigerian militaries' merciless onslaught on the peaceful members of the movement in Zaria, the previous year. Likewise, in Jos, the military have been trying by all means to attack the members of the movement. They initially started by appearing on a broad day light in a Friday mosque where the IMN members used to conduct post sermon admonishment, fully armed with life threatening weapons. But the members sharply suspend the admonishment for peacefulness and to avoid blood shed.

They scared neighboring people surrounding all the mosques the members usually conduct their programs, that they will demolish and kill all they get. For that reason all the programs were shifted to a learning center belonging to IMN members. And that is why they now consider the "Markhaz" a threat to them. All they think is that, if they demolish it; everything will stop.

Even yesterday, Tuesday; we got a report that the military visited Rogo quarters, and that is where the Markhaz is located, they held a meeting with some individuals; but still we did not have the report of what was discussed.

Before that, the military have been to the quarters severally under the pretext of "weapons dealer investigation." They used to go with about 20 military vehicles. And obviously there is no one like the person they claim they are looking for in the whole quarters!

They have now declared via a religious scholar of a particular organization that, the learning center "Markhaz" will be demolished before Ramadan. Some children had even come and confirmed what they heard from their parents, "they were promised that the learning center of members of the Islamic movement will be demolished before this coming Ramadan."

Speaking on the plot, the representative of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) in Jos, Sheikh Adamu Tsoho Jos; he declared that: "No matter what the oppressors plot, can never suppress us. And that IMN is not about building, so that when demolished the IMN itself is demolished, had it been it is all about building, the demolition of Husainiyyah and other places could have bring IMN to it's dead end." He called upon brothers and sisters to engage in praying for Allah to hasten the immediate downfall of oppressors and oppression.