Annual Imam's week by Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement commenced in Kano (Zone B)

Brothers and Sisters of the Academic Forum of the IMN in Zone
comprising of Kano, Sokoto, Jigawa and Katsina States have commenced the lecture series on Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (QS) at its Annual Imam's week at Kano markaz, kofar Waika, Kano, Nigeria today Sunday May 29th, 2016 (22nd Sha’aban 1437).
At the lecture sessions Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki discussed on Zaria Massacre and the Future of Nigeria and Mal Yusuf Abdullahi discussed on Lessons derived from the Struggle of Imam.
Mal Sunusi pointed out that history has recorded one of the worst
tyranny and oppression and killing recording various forms of
brutality that International Human right organization have attested on children, youths and females, whose crime is nothing but because they owe their allegiance to a Islamic leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).
He again reaffirm that injustice is never condone, and justice will
remain supreme, and shall return to the ordained path under the
leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Toward this Mal Sunusi
pointed out members of the IMN are undertaking various lawful
activities in seeing a greater Nigeria that abide by the dictate of
Allah (T).
On his path Mal Yusuf pointed out whether you agree with the
philosophy of Imam Khomeini (QS) or not history has recorded the
Iranian revolution led by Imam Khomeini (QS) as one of the six
revolution amongst which include the French revolution, Cuban
revolution, Socialist revolution etc.
What lesson can derive from Imam’s Revolution? Mal Yusuf pointed out that we need to know the situation of Iran before the revolution and the revolutionary role of Imam in bringing back to its right path. The society before the revolution has chosen a pathway other than Islam despite the fact that those in authority are Muslim with all aspect of live and economy decaying and collapsing. Imam lead a struggle that made the Ummah to realize and go back to its root ie Al Islam under the leadership of a pious religious leader that had uplifted the status of Iran today and is a role and revolutionary model that today Shaikh Zakzaky (H) is in the sane foot step.
He went further to call on all to reflect on what contribution will
he/she be part of in sustaining the struggle? Towards this Mal Yunus pointed out that the IMN has gone a long way with different forum carrying out various activities one of which is Academic Forum of the IMN that is hosting the program.
Earlier the forum have paid a visit to community of Rijiyar Buna
village in Bagwai Local government in Kano, a community having
different religious resident i.e. Muslims, Christians, and those that
believe in traditional religion. Members of the forum at the
visitation interacted with the inhabitant extending the message of
Imam Khomeini (QS) revolution with positive outcome.
Mal Sunusi made a closing prayer to mark the end of the first day
lecture series.
Muhammad Isa Ahmad.