Annual Cmmomeration Of Shehu Abdul Kadir Jilani Birthday held in Kano

This year's 63rd annual Qadiriyya movement "Maukibi" commemorating the
birthday of Shehu Abdul Qadir Jilani (TR) was held on Saturday 15
Rabiul Thani 1435 (15/2/2014) at Waliy Mai Giginya open space along
katsina road, Kano with an increasing teeming faithful's from within
Nigeria, African and international countries present.
As early as 9am Faithfuls dressed colorfully with various banners and
flags from different wards in Kano city started marching towards
"Waliy Mai Giginya open space performing zikr, singing different
praised songs of Nabiy (SAWA), Ahlul Bait (AS) and pious followers.
Khalifa Shaikh Karibullah Nasir Kabara by around 10am with teeming
entourage marched from Darul Qadiriyya towards the venue of maukibi
with faithful extending their greetings and prayers. The entourage
followed Makwarari street, Koki street, Kofar Mazugal, IBB road,
Katsina road and to the venue.
Among the dignitaries present include Shaikh Muhammad M Turi, Alh
Baita Balan Talle, Khalifa Tajuddini Abdul Aziz Abeokuta, Emir of
Mafara Alh Bello Muhammad Barmo, Kano Head of Service representing
Governor Engr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.
In his speech at the occasion Khalifa Shaikh Karibullahi expressed
happiness and thankfulness to Allah T) for yet seeing another annual
maukibi were faithfuls and other muslims come to rejoice the
commemoration of the birthday of Shehu Abdul Kadir Jilani (TR), who's
teachings have made us uphold this deen. He reiterated his teaching
has far reaching effect with his followers like Shehu Danfodio who
taught and showed the ummah the part to salvation.
Shaikh also stressed the importance of unity amongst Muslim world wide
quoting Quranic verses and the hadith of the Rasool (SAWA) calling
towards unity. He lamented by not heeding to these injunctions,
Muslims across the globe have fallen prey to various atrocities siting
the recent killings of Muslims in Central African Republic.
Shaikh also called on the government to seriously look into the issues
of the frequent strikes by various unions stating the health
institutions and academia.
Likewise Shaikh Karibullahi (SNK) mention work on the Qadiriyyah
Islamic centre in Abuja is progressing in the last three years. Also
of recent the Governor of Gombe has given a plot for the development
of a school.
Shaikh mentioned and extended appreciation to all that supported and
participated in seeing the success of the programme.
Earlier on Mahiru Sharif Bala recited verses of the Quran, Poems from
Liman Salisu. Speeches were also delivered by Alh Baita Balan Talle,
Khalifa Tajuddeen A Abeokuta, Alh Bello Muhammad Barmo, Head of Kano
state service, and translation of Shaikh Karibullahi speech into
Yoruba by the son to Col. Ibrahim Salahuddeen (RTD).
With Prayers from Khalifa AbdulKadir A Ramalan, Mal Jilani Ibrahim Mai
Garaje, Mal Usman Yusuf Makwarari, Mal Kabiru Madabo Babban Malami and
Khalifa Shaikh Karibullahi marked the end of maukibi, with followers
heading back home.
Written by Muhammad Isa Ahmad