Amir of Bauchi, was visited condoles death deputy Ajiya Mosque.

Amir of Bauchi, Malam Ahmad Yashi has visited Ajiya Mosque to condole with families of Malam Mahmud Tukur Adamu who died on Friday 10 al-Muharram after a protracted illness.

Until his death, Malam Mahmud Tukur was a deputy Imam at Ajiya Mosque, Bauchi and his premature death has caused a terrible consternation in the hearts of many a sympathizer.

While leading the condolence visit, Malam Ahmad Yashi was flanked by his entourage. He first visited the mosque and commiserated with the officials of the mosques, thanking them over their desire to keep the string of unity between Muslim Brother's and Sunnis strong.

He then went to visit the families of the deceased where he mourned his death, condoled with them and prayed that Allah grant him an eternal mercy and forgiveness.

Malam Yashi has hinted that he was bewildered and pained by his death because they lived peacefully together for a long period of time without discrimination and rancour.

And the families thanked him for the condolence, and prayed for continued unity between one another. Malam Tanko, one of the nephews of deceased was pleased with the condolence visit. He said " my daughter and grandchildren are all part of your Muslim Brothers, so our unity cannot be overemphasized".

Having concluded the visit, Malam Yashi with his entourage which consisted of his deputies Malam Idris Dauda, Malam Dayyabu and Malam Adamu Baba, had also visited the houses of the deceased's families and offered their condolence.

The deceased, Malam Mahmud Tukur Adam died at the age of 60, he left behind a wife, five children and many grandchildren. The deceased had also held various positions one of which was the interim leadership at Turun Mosque, Bauchi.

His wife Malam Fatima said he was heartbroken by the death of her husband but death was inevitable.

On the other hand his eldest son Fa'izu Tukur while briefing us, had said that "life is short, transient and uncertain especially when it comes to losing love ones" He prayed that Allah grant him forgiveness and equally give them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.