To All The Mothers Who Lost Their Children In The Cause of Allah

By Fatima Sidi


The grief journey has many emotional peaks and valleys and lasts far longer than society in general recognizes. Because each person's grief journey is unique, you may find that you, your spouse and your family are all processing their grief at different speeds and in different ways. The loss of a child isn’t something you will get over, it is something you will learn to go through. 


When your child dies, the grief journey does not end in a week, a month or even a year. Don’t let other's expectations be a guideline for your own progress. Be patient with yourself and with your family members. It also helps to be tolerant and accepting of the different approaches others may take. 


Whenever I see a mother grieving for the loss of her child I cry, so I say to those mother's of the Islamic Movement who loss their children, DON'T CRY, your children were martyred in the cause of Islam, so be happy, for as long as you made sacrifice to Allah the reward is always abundant.


You lost part of u or better yet your joy, u lost those who you will see and make you laugh. The love of a mother cannot be understood, so I salute you ladies of Karbala, you made a great sacrifice, and also learn from Sayyida Zainab (A.S) who sacrificed everything.


Allah will surely reward you abundantly. While every parent will ultimately have to find their own road through grief, you will survive and you do not have to walk this journey on your own. There is plenty of support from those who have already been where you are today. You Need Not Walk Alone. Allah is always by your side.