Al-Mustapha International University Online Courses

Are You Interested In Online Courses?

The Al-mustapha International University, Islamic Republic of Iran has introduces an easiest method for interested candidates to study online.


The university offered the following online courses:


Masters Courses

1. Science of the Qur’an (Ulumul Qur’an)

2. Philosophy and Morals (Falsafah/Akhlaq)

3. Islamic Logic

4. Family Jurisprudence

The aforementioned Masters courses would be conducted in Persian, English and Arabic


Degree Courses

1.      Science of the Qur’an and Ahadith

2.      Jurisprudence

3.      Islamic Wisdom and Language

4.      Philosophy of Shi’ah studies

The above degree courses would be conducted in Persian and Arabic


Diploma Courses

1.      Persian Language and Islamic knowledge


We also have in stock short term courses.

The management is pleased to inform all interested candidates that when the number of applicants reaches 1,000 we would consider incorporating Hausa language as part of the teaching languages.


To register with us, visit the following link:

For more information, contact us through:
0809 603 1354, +98 936 042 4631