Al-Mizan Newspaper Editorial- A Call for Action: Release Our Brothers Now!

Al-Mizan, a Hausa language weekly newspaper
under the stable of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria
under the guardianship of His Eminence, Sheikh
Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), has published an editorial
demanding for the immediate and unconditional
release of Brothers Haruna Abbas Ali and Ibrahim
Hussain illegally arrested and detained without trial
by the Nigerian Secret Security Service (SSS) for
over a year now, despite a High Court summon for
them to be presented for trial. Below is the
excerpted translation of the editorial:
On Saturday March 16, 2013, Brother Haruna Abbas
Ali was whisked away at the Aminu Kano
International Airport in Kano by the Nigerian
security operatives while returning from a trip.
Since his arrest over a year now, Haruna
Abbas Ali has been under detention without trial; his
family and relatives were not allowed to visit him.
From the beginning it was not clear who actually
arrested him, it was not until a team of the State
Security Service (SSS) went to his house and
conducted a search, that it became clear where he
was. The attention of his lawyer had to be called to
supervise the search. When they could find
anything incriminating, they took with them his
laptop computer, which they said was to assist them
in investigation.
Since then, he has not been charged to court, and
has not also been given bail. He is denied access to
his family and well-wishers. In effort to enforce his
fundamental human rights and liberty, a case was
filed at the Federal High Court in Abuja where he is
being detained. The court ruled that, the SSS
present Haruna Abbas Ali before court, but they SSS
refused to obey the court ruling.
Another related case is the case of Ibrahim Husain.
He was arrested at his house in Kaduna by a
combined team of the military and security in the
dark hours of the night, which violated arrest
procedure. Like his colleague Haruna Abbas Ali, the
fundamental human right of Ibrahim Hussain has
been infringed upon in the manner he was arrested
and kept in custody for so long without trial.
Haruna Abbas Ali Ali and Ibrahim Hussain are
Nigerian citizens with full rights and liberty to live
amidst their families, and freely practice religion of
their choice as enshrined in the Nigerian
It is very unfortunate that Nigeria that boasts of
strict adherence to democratic principles can detain
its citizens for over a year without trial or charge of
any misdeed. This is contrary to the constitutional
provision, and as well contradicts the president’s
establishment of a national conference to a address
grievances arising from domination,
misappropriation and inhuman treatment of a
section of the country for amicable resolution.
This unconstitutional action has clearly
demonstrated the government’s demon action of
doing with its citizens how it likes, without
adherence to constitutional provision. It has also
shown that Nigerian citizens have no right of being
heard, or their rights being protected from internal
and external aggression. It is also crystal clear that
the Nigerian security is above the law; the judicial
system has lost its judicial power in the face
unconstitutional display by the security system.
We therefore unequivocally call on the Nigerian
government under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to as a
matter of urgency, to unconditionally release our
brothers, and all Nigerians detained without trial,
from custody. To all, human rights movements and
well meaning Nigerians, they should bear witness to
the treatment of our brothers, Haruna Abbas Ali and
Ibrahim Hussain, which is beyond comprehension.
To our brothers, use all the available resources at
your disposal such the social media, to press on the
government to release our brothers. This is in
addition to prayers for Allah the Almighty to use His
power and set them free.