Ahlud-Duthoor organized its annual programme in Bauchi

By Idris Sulayman
On sunday 21 april 2013, body of business personnel under the leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) organized its annual programme in Bauchi state.

The event was concluded at the popular Zaranda hotel on sunday with closing speech by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H), after a series of lectures held from friday 19th April 2013.

During his lecture, the leader of the islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) urges members of the organization on the necessity of helping the needy and other forms of services to humanity including provision of hospitals, and schools.
The revered leader cited example with how wealthy the scholars of jurisdiction (Marji'iyya) are, and at thesame time the world is nothing to them. They only use the wealth to execute religious activities.

Before the closing speech, Malam Muhammad Turi (from kano) made a lecture on importance of sacrificing wealth for the sake of Allah, also Malam Yakubu Yahya (from Katsina) made a lecture as well.