The Ahl-ul Bait World Assembly of Sydney, Australia Condoles Sheikh Zakzaky

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly of Sydney, Australia sent a condolence adn empathy letter to Sheikh Zakzaky over Quds Day Martyrs. The letter, signed by it Secretary Sayed Hadi Sadeghi, was sent on 28th of July 2014. They expressed their heartfelt condolence as follows " Here in Sydney, Friday 25-07-14 was a sad day; we were deeply saddened to hear the news about the criminal events happened during the demonstration of the World Day of Quds in Nigeria which caused the martyrdom of 33 persons of fasteners and anti-Zionist followers of the Holy Ahl ul-Bayt ( a.s. ), including your 3 sons. for more info follow the below link.