Abul Fadl Foundation/Academic Forum of Islamic Movement in Nigeria staged peaceful protest in Abuja

125 days gone : Democratic Government Disregard The Laws Of The Land
It is exactly one hundred and twenty five days today after a Federal High
Court sitting in Abuja presided by Honourable Justice Gabriel Kolawale
ordered the immediate and unconditional release of the leader of the
Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, but those holding him
in illegal detention under the guise of “protective custody” have
absolutely taken no notice of that important verdict or rather disregarded
the ruling made by the court in spite of the deteriorating health condition
of the Sheikh.
It is now obvious that those in the corridors of power flout the laws of
the land with impunity.
Sheikh Zakzaky urgently needs access to medical specialists for proper
medical treatment, in a well and trusted medical facilities most especially
ophthalmologists, over the serious concern about the one and only eye that
is left for him. He has already lost one as a result of bullets sprayed on
him during the high-handed crackdown in the unprecedented massacre in Zaria
between 12th and 14th of December 2015.
However, an immediate intervention in a better facility, particularly in
any place of his choice, could save the other eye which sight continues to
fail day by day.
Unless the Sheikh is deliberately being held and silently allowed to
gradually lose his sight and die in detention, the law makers of the land
should do something about it right away. Why on earth should the members of
the two honourable chambers, the Senate and the House, shouldered with
making laws fold their arms as they watch the executive and others flouting
the laws of the land with impunity? Alas, with life-threatening gunshot
wounds, the Sheikh is still languishing in unlawful custody.
It is quite unconstitutional that the revered Sheikh is still under
detention without proper treatment. And this severely infringes on, and
tramples upon his fundamental human rights as enshrined in the constitution
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as the provisions of the African
charter on human rights. The Sheikh is a citizen who suffers attack from
several enemies of peace and humanity including the attack of the created
Wahhabi Salafi terrorist group - Boko Haram in the early 2015.
While the victim of the unrivaled pogrom is, in spite of everything, under
illegal custody, while the perpetrators walk the streets with hauteur; or,
are they laws themselves?
It could be recalled that Nigerian army attacked the Sheikh's residence at
Gyallesu between December 12th and 14th, 2015, gunned down over a thousand
of his followers in cold blood, brutally killed his three [3] sons,
callously burnt his biological sister and nephew alive, flung at least
three hundred and forty seven [347] of them in a single mass grave, shot
and fatally wounded him and his wife and took and dumped them in illegal
custody. The court has clearly absolved him of any guilt or responsibility
for any wrong doing. Then, what the dilly-dallying for?
Inspite of the wanton violations of human rights, high-handed crackdown and
enormous destructions of properties, movable and immovable, worth billions
of Naira, yet the members remain peaceful. The Movement has been and is
still very much non-violent for almost four decades of its existence, but,
even as the IMN chooses to tread the path of litigation, the government
continues to thwart, frustrate and pervert the course of justice without
recourse to the oath of office.
There is indeed miscarriage of justice by its being delayed or by flouting
of the laws of the land with latitude. It is said that he who comes to
justice should come with clean hands. That was the reason for IMN taking it's grudges two court of law. But the government having soiled it's hands
with the blood of defenceless, unarmed Nigerian citizens failed to take
Zakzaky to court and refused to obey it's order. The government that
masterminds the killing of more than a thousand of its law-abiding people
is far more viciously repressive than being democratic.
And this regime is becoming more brutally totalitarian evident by it's body
Thus, the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria calls on
conscientious Nigerians to call the government and its agencies to order,
so as to end this illegal and unconstitutional detention of Sheikh Zakzaky.


S.I Ahmad
Twitter Handle @afimn14
Email: afimn14@gmail.com
Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIMN)