Abul Fadl foundation organized 'Islamic awakening' in Yola

By Idris Sulayman
On 22nd march 2013, a crew of Abul fadl foundation, under the leadership of Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) arrived at Yola, Adamawa state, purposely for a 3 days 'Islamic awakening ' programme.
The programme was executed successfully, commenced on friday around 8:00 pm with an open lecture at the premises of Jama'atu Nasril Islam, Runde, jimeta Yola.
Alhaji Mustapha gadon kaya entertained the public with islamic songs.
While delivering lectures as the guest speaker, Malam Muhammad Abbare urged Muslim brothers to be active and always work for the improvement of Islamic movement especially in the state.
He also emphasized on the actual aim of islamic movement, and the need for spreading the message to people.
Sayyid Hameed Ibrahim Zakzaky, in a nutshell explained the purpose of the 'Awakening' programme, "We have learnt that majority of brothers does not understand their roles as members of the islamic movement, that was how the programme initiative came into existence." He said.
After his remark, the event was closed with a prayer.
The awakening continued on saturday 23rd march, at co-operative hall along kila quarters, jimeta Yola.
As scheduled, the morning session commenced with the topic 'History of Islamic movement in Nigeria', supposed to be delivered by Malam Difa, but unfortunately he didn't make it, and was replaced with Malam Abbare.
Malam Muhammad Abbare expressed in details the origin of the islamic movement, pointed out some obstacles which includes the Darkawiyya, Zuhudu, tawayiyya and other forms of mischief factions that arise. He added "If not for the only man standing (Sayyid Zakzaky), the movement will have by now turn to Darkawiyya or zuhudu".
The second topic during the morning session was 'Aim of the islamic movement', delivered by Malam Usman Guri (from jigawa state). He began with a thorough explanation of the aim and objectives of creation, and concluded with the aim of islamic movement in nigeria.
In his remark, Muhammad Abubakar Maina mentioned that the aim of the movement is to pass message of awareness to the masses.
During the evening session, at 4:00pm, Malam Usman Guri delivered lectures on "Bara'a and Wula'a". He recited some Qur'anic verses, as well as sayings of the holy Prophet (S) pertaining the subject.
Sayyid Hameed zakzaky made a remark, in which he explained further on the real meaning of 'Bara'a and Wula'a', ". He also answered questions by attendee's.
On sunday 24th marked the end of the awakening, and it was a close discussion with youths of the movement, chaired by Sayyid Hameed Zakzaky.