About Buhari urging IMN to embrace peace

I was not surprised hearing this statement from president Buhari, after spending more than a year of nonchalant silence over the gruesome #ZariaMassacre, this is the first time that the president willingly speaks on the oppressed Shi'a followers in Nigeria. The first been the time he was asked during the presidential media interview, his response and facial mood left no one in doubt that the question offended his feeling. So far as I know and even to all of course, members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria have been the most peaceful citizens in this country, who always resort to staying calm and peaceful even at the course of malignancy, persecutions and enormous provocations from the government. In a broad daylight, state sponsored thugs backed up by security agencies severally attacked members of the movement in various cities; rampaged, looted, molested, killed and torched their Islamic centres. They still remained peaceful and resolute to their course, which peace beyond this one is Mr. President urging them to embrace? The attacks during Ashura processions were so disheartening and tearful, I loose myself after seeing the video clip. I saw barbarism of the highest order, how even after barbarically killing an individual, the dead body was either not spared from the dimwittedness of these thugs. Asking IMN members to accept law of country even shouldn't be mentioned if truth is to be spoken, as they are always law abiding. I know that the prime tool they used in waging war against IMN in their hope to demonize the movement is that.. 'they are not law abiding'. Which of the laws have they breach so far? It is now 29 days after a Federal High court sitting in Abuja ordered the immediate release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his wife. Imagine a president having failed to abide by the order of a competent court of law, asking others to be law abiding? Doesn't charity begins at home? I doubt if Buhari surely means what he said, of course I doubt it! If he actually mean it, he shouldn't have send his military on a 3 days 'wipe out' mission in Zaria last December, Sheikh Zakzaky (H), his wife and several hundreds won't spend more than a year in illegal detention without been charged to court even once. But if he surely mean it, then he has the knife and flesh with him; simply order the release of Sheikh Zakzaky (H). By so doing, I am sure more than peace will flourish. ~ Najeeb Umar Maigatari.