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The IMN's Pen vs the hired Pen of the Nigerian Military

By U. S. Adam

When I saw a piece written by one Onoja, I laughed and laughed again, but at least I now know that the Nigerian Army begin to know the value of a pen, which they lack, but decided to sponsor some stooges to write for them because they only know how to use guns to kill innocent lives. Their braveness begins on armless men and ends on women and children, they can't confront a common gang of Arm robbers, in so many robbery attacks that happened in Nigeria, my fellow citizens only see the arrival of the Army officers after the robbery have taken place.

It's High Time to React

By; U. S. Adam

It was in December 2015 when the Nigerian Army launched an attack on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) which resulted to the massacre of 1000+ members of the movement, abduction of hundreds, illegal detention of the leader of the movement, his wife and other hundreds of its members.


Today, 21/08/16, a contingent of military personnel in at least five trucks with armored vehicles encircled the Islamic Centre of the Islamic Movement in Potiskum, Yobe state. After a few hours of the siege, they left without any incident. However, concerned residents in the neighborhood are apprehensive of what might happened in the night.