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Continued Crackdown on Shia minority (IMN) during Ashura and Arbaeen  by the Nigerian Authorities: Call for restraint

ASHURA day, 10th Muharram of each Hijri calendar is marked around the globe to mourn the brutal killing of Imam Husain, the grandson of the Prophet. This is done through rallies, lectures, processions etc. Muslims particularly the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN commonly tagged as Shiites observe this ritual routinely every year. Last year, the procession was conducted on Wednesday 12th October 2016 across the nation. These peaceful processions, however, were attacked in Funtua, Jos Kaduna and Kano.

11th Zul-Qada; Commemorating the Birthday of Imam Ali bn Musa (AS)

By U. S. Adam
Brief Biography of The Imam
He is Ali bn Musa (AS) the 8th Successor of prophet Muhammad (S) and was born on 11th Zul-Qada 148AH in the city of Madina, and martyred on 30th Safar 203AH, his famous honorary name is ‘Reza’ which is an Arabic name that can be translated as ‘Satisfaction’, his family, friends and even his enemies were satisfied with him because of his great conducts and morals.

25th Shawwal; The Demise of the Fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom!

By: U.S. Adam

With the Name of Allah the Beneficent  the Merciful. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Chosen Servant Muhammad (S) and Ahlul-Byt (AS).

Imam Ja’afar bn Muhammad (AS) is the 6th Imam in the list of the 12 Islamic leaders and the Prophet’s successors. He was born in Madina and martyred on the 25th of Shawwal 148AH at the age of 65.   

The Battle Of Badr

The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny. For the first time the followers of the new faith were put into a serious test. Had victory been the lot of the pagan army while the Islamic forces were still at the beginning of their developments, the faith of Islam could have come to an end.

No one was aware of the importance of the outcome of the battle as the Prophet (saww) himself. We might read the depth of his fervor in his prayer before the beginning of the battle when he stood up supplicating his Lord: