The 8th sallah feast this year was held Saturday 18th Zul Hijjah 1438AH ( 9/09/2017) at Katsina with the Special guest speaker Profesor Dahiru Yahya  and Chief host Shaikh Ya’aqub Yahya  with many invite guest that include Barrister Aminu Maigari, Representative of Imam of
Kofar Kaura Dr Muhammad  Aliyudeen, Mal AbdulRshid Muhammad, Eze Igbo II of Katsina Chief Emma Brown, Journalist Abdullahi Izma Yamodi, Ibrahim Shehu, Shehu Ahmad, Auwwal Halliru etc.

The sallah feast is a feast that is held after Eid Adha which is a gathering that form of platform of unity and gathering to know and understand each other, discuss issues of progress and fostering development with the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), members of the movement and citizens of Nigeria irrespective of their religion, tribe, region, tribe etc.

Prof Dahiru Yahya a renown historian delivered a paper titled “Effecting National Reconciliation” where he talked about National reconciliation that is needed and necessary, the present Nigerian State that has a large population with different religion, tribes and
having abundant resources and the shortcoming within administering the state in which the greatest shortcoming is unimaginative leadership that is often corrupt, self centered and oppressive. He also gave a ten point grand plan for reconciliation in which he pointed out some of the injustice and oppression mated on the leader of the Islamic Movement Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his followers while calling for genuine protecting of their rights, upholding justice, being paid compensation for illegal persecution and destruction of their
properties. He also called for more effort in inter and intra religious interaction the shiah-style, reassess foreign policies to address national and African interest.

Eze of Igbo in Katsina Chief Emma and Barrister Aminu Maigari has expressed their good will messages with Barrister Aminu calling for the IMN to join the Nigerian Politics.

Shaikh Ya’aquob Yahya Katsina in his comment at the feast reiterated the IMN has for long through its leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) been calling for increased unity amongst the various populace of Nigeria that has a large population with different religion and creed,
different tribes or nation. Has someone earned himself a tribe or a nation or is it crime for one to find himself been a Hausa/Fulani,Igbo, Yoruba, or any other tribe?
Religion is a believe that everyone is entitled to and can’t be forced to accept a religion, but will account for his believe before the Almighty, however our existence at any given area will need certain interaction for the benefit of each other, and as a result of that we always call for unity amongst us. When we unite we reject any avenuethat may lead to disunity, creating quos, war amongst ourselves but create an avenue that will make us unite against any form of injustice and oppression which Shaikh Zakzaky (H) has uphold and calling on all
to stand by it.

Shaikh Ya’aquob has also explained Nigeria today has a colonial experience and has been left to continue with what they have left us with and left us with a framework that will be beneficial to the colonial masters while ensuring disunity and conflict between and amongst ourselves. The IMN has never mandated anybody to become a Muslim or follow our foot path, you may wish to uphold you religion but you mustn’t mandate us to follow your religion/creed. Some might say there is no compulsion on religion or there is no difference in religion which in Allah (T) foresight its so, however is this uphold to those that say it? No, they say it and ask us to stop following our footpath i.e. Allah (T) and His Messenger and Ahlul Bait (AS).
The problem Muslim face today is leaving the call of Allah and His Noble Messenger, Amirul Mu’uminin Aliy (AS) and his successors as have been stated and narrated in various hadith of our Noble Prophet (AS) in Ghadeer Khum, Whoever believes in Allah and His Messenger should hold and uphold Imam Aliy as my successor, Whoever support Imam Aliy
(AS) will be victorious and whoever doesn’t will be tormented.

On the call for IMN to be within the political realms of today’s Nigeria, his answer was its not the right time for us to participate, our stand has been always to change the System not the regime. The current democracy has never been a system that has a justified feature in which when you look at democracy in USA, Britain, France, South Africa, Egypt etc have different features that is associated with various problem.

Our main task today is to see unto the release of our illegally detained leader Shaikh Zakzaky (H) and continue with all our activities in seeing we uphold and conduct our religious activities.
Earlier Mal Jamilu Kafur has opened the gathering with an opening prayer, a welcome address from Prof Isa Mshelgaru and a vote of thanks from Engineer Yahya Gilima Karofi.

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad