8 martyred Arbaeen Trekkers killed by Nigerian Police at Karfi, Kano laid to Rest

Mal Sunusi Abdulkadir Koki today Wednesday 16th Safar, 1438 (16/11/2016) lead Funeral prayer and burial of seven out of the eight peaceful and armless Arbaeen Trekkers killed by the Nigerian Police at Karfi in Kano State.

Those buried today include:
1. Shahid Aliy Hasan Kura (22years of age)
2. Shahid Usman Sulaiman (26 years of age)
3. Shahida Zainab Abubakar (8 months of age)
4. Shahid Mubarak Hasan Kurna.
5. Shahida Fatima A Umar Maiduguri
6. Shahid Aliy Haidar
7. Ahmad ISMA
Yersterday Shahid Ibrahim Gano was buried at Gano where Mal Ishaq Gano lead the prayers.

To date a number of those killed that the police took them away after killing them have been held by them and have refused to give them to their families for a befitting Islamic burial rights. More so those held with many injured have been refused to be seen by their legal agents and are in a bad physical condition.

After the burial in a brief speech, Mal Sanusi reiterated the fact that every living being will eventually pass away, but the important pride is at what cause did you pass away. Alhamdulliah, those that we have laid here have indeed succeed and victorious for they have followed the very foot steps of Imam Husain (AS) who for his very faith of not surrendering himself to the dictate, wish and whims of Yazid Bin Mu'awuya was massacred with his followers in the plain of Karbala.
Mal Sunusi also reiterated the stand of the followers of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) that we shall never submit ourself to the dictates of the Nigerian government even if our own lives will be taken away by the forces of its security agents and we reiterate LABBAIKA YA HUSAIN!!!
He passed condolences to our leader Imam Mahdi (AF), Ayatullah Aliy Khamnaei (H) ,Shaikh Zakzaky (H), the families that have lost their beloved once and Muslim Ummah.

Muhmmad Isa Ahmad