7th Day Prayer of Quds Day Martrys (Pictures)

7th day prayer of Qods day martrys in Zaria
On 1st-08-2014, the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (h), marked the 7th day prayer of Qods day martyrs (25th-07-2014).
The prayer held in Gyellesu,  at Sheikh zakzaky's resident. 
After the completion of Qur'anic recitation, some selected du'as were also recited, du'a Jaushan Al-Kabir among others.
The 33 martyrs were killed during a peaceful procession, among them were 3 sons of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (h), named Ahmad zakzaky, Hameed zakzaky and Mahmud Zakzaky.
People all over the nation attended the 7th day prayer.