6th Annual Shehu Abdullahi Bin Fodio (TR) Maulud Held Birnin Kebbi

This year’s annual Shehu Abdullahi bin Fodio (TR) maulud organized by the Resource forum of the Islamic Movement, Birnin Kebbi branch was held for two days Saturday, March 11th, and Sunday, March 12th,  2017 at Birnin Kebbi with two special invited guest Shaikh Kasim Umar Sakkwato and Prof Abdullahi Danladi delivery lectures on the life of Shehu Abdullahi Fodio (TR).

Shaikh Kasim delivered his lecture on Saturday night and Prof Abdullahi on the concluding 2nd day programme touching various attribute of the legendary life worthy of emulation of Shehu Abdullahi Fodio (TR) that was born in this very month of Jimadal Thani.

n his lecture Shaikh Kasim review and expressed how Shehu Abdullahi
Fodio (TR) a dedicated student of Shehu Usmanu Bin Fodio (TR) has devoted himself in the struggle in Islamic revivalism in the 19th Centuary in western African that have crossed across villages, towns and city within western African. His role in writing various books which many have been stolen by the colonial masters can never be overemphasized expressed Shaikh Kasim citing many references amongst which is the notetable “ Tanzilul Waraq”. Shehu Abdullahi dedication, steadfastness and commitment can never be overemphasized with various examples illustrated by Shaikh Kasim like resistance to oppression and tyranny by those at the helm of affairs within cities in notably North western Nigeria.

Shehu Abdullahi Fodio (TR) has written in his book Tanzilul waraq the attributes of a leader you should follow and pay allegiance to. A leader who remains fearful of Allah (T), abide, emulate and remain steadfast on this path of the Almighty (T), expressed Shaikh Kasim.
Who then is your leader?

Prof Abdullahi Danladi also in his speech at the concluding maulud programme i.e Sunday March 12th March, 2017, illustrated how the leading life of Shehu Abdullahi Fodio (TR) have motivated many in developing spiritual attainment were various activities are carried
out to solicit Allah (T) deliverance at various level.

Both speakers also showed how the path of Al-Islam is, the noble path of our Prophet (SAWA), his pious Progeny (AS) and that emulated and shown to us by Shehu Usmanu and Shehu Abdullahi Dan Fodio (TR) with that of the leader of Islamic movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) who today has been illegally detained by the ruling government despite the fact a federal court has ruled his illegal detention and compensation to be made.

Moreso the speakers drew the attention of humanity specifically Muslims, if history has recorded the legendary role of Shehu Usmanu Bin Fodio (TR) and dedicated followers one of whom is Shehu Abdullahi (TR) in going back to our root ie Al-Islam in the 19th century, with
many voicing out to be descendants of Shehu Danfodio and his followers why should they be amongst those that are antagonistic and be amongst those that oppress those following there noble path ie Al-Islam?

Wouldn’t be shameful and call for concern not to be amongst those that follow his path or be amongst those that call to be on his path? In attendance were people from different cities in Nigeria with Mal Umar Gwandu and Mal Sani Hakimi Jega giving open prayers, Prof
Abdullahi Danladi and Shaikh Kasim Umar with closing prayers at the sessions in the maulud. Mal Bello Saidu Talatan Mafara and members of Ittihadul shu’arah electrified the maulud with various captivating poems and songs of Our Noble Prophet (S), his Pure Progeny (AS), Shehu Usmanu, Shehu Abdullahi and the illegally detained leader of the
Islamic movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

Closing remarks and the sessions were also made by Mal Umar Birnin
Kebbi the representative of IMN in Birnin Kebbi and the head of Resource forum of IMN Birnin Kebbi. Visitation to the grave yard of Shehu Abdullahi bin Fodio (TR) in Gwandu was aslo made with special prayers by the graveside.

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad.