5th Day of Ashura Mourning in Bauchi have gotten large number of people from town to watch Drama (Tamsiliyya) on 7th October 2016

Malam Ahmad yusuf Yashi at the event

In the continuation of the ongoing Ashura Mourning in Bauchi State
Nigeria, the dramatic (Tamsiliyya) presentation of the tragedy of
Karbala were among the most heart captured of the event, whereas most
people from within metropolitan of Bauchi came to watch and witness
the event of Karbala. Large number of people from the town
(non-members of the Islamic Movement) are coming to have witnessed the
Drama (Tamsiliyya). The following pictures show how the palace of
Yazid (L) and what happened then to the household of Prophet Muhammad
(S). Also some pictures of the large number of the people from the
town watching and sympathizing the event of Karbala.

People From the town watching Karbala event