The 4th day Ashura sitting in Kaduna.

Today 08/11/2013, Ashura commemoration in progress at Kaduna with demonstration of Martyrdom of Baby Aliyu Asghar (The son of imam Husain As) and condolence visit by Sayyid Muhammad Qasim Muhammady from Iran. The program started by 4:00pm with Drammers on how Aliyu Asghar was killed at Karbala, poems, Dua’un Nudba and a sermon by Mr Muhammady.

Assayid Muhammad Qasim began with praising for Allah for His infinite mercy, and call on the public to copy imam Husaini’s AS good deed and morals, sincereness, struggles (Ijtihad) and finally he warned the followers of Imam Husain AS should adapt with those qualities.