40th Day Prayers of Quds Day Martyrs (Pictures)

40th Day Prayers of Quds Day Martyrs held at the martyr’s cemetery (Darul Rahama) in Zaria on 3rd September 2014, the prayer event was well attended among the attendees are the families of the martyrs, those that were injured in the incidence, a team of visitors from the holy shrine of Imam Rida (AS) Mashhad, Iran, Pastor Yohana Buru and lots more, 
In his speech Sheikh Zakzaky (H) the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria and the father of the three among the recent Qud’s Martyrs describe the incidence divide the nation in to three main categories the first category are the oppressors which are the minority, we the oppressed in the second category we are also minor and the majority ones in the third category that are just watching.
Prayers were well said which include Ziyarat of Imam Husain (AS), Du’a’ul Alqama, to mention but few.