3yrs after the Zaria Quds Day Massacre: The oppressors have failed!

By: U. S. Adam

Today is exactly three years after the Zaria Quds day massacre according to the Islamic lunar calendar. It was on 28th Ramadan, 1435 (25/7/2014) members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) like every year demonstrated to show their support to the oppressed people of Palestine and Quds. On that day the Puppets of the Israelis in Nigeria in a broad daylight also come out and innocently killed 34 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in their attempt to terminate and stop the Quds procession, and effort to show allegiance to their masters.

It is 3 years now and the attempt of these puppets and their masters to stop the annual Quds procession in Nigeria is a total failure, because International Quds Day is still commemorated annually and the cause on which they killed our brothers is succeeding. On this day I will assure the Nigerian Soldiers and their masters that their fair will conquered them in the nearest future. Because Israel will be deleted soon, Palestine and Al-Aksa will be freed.

Our brothers that you killed innocently, will continue to be the living legends as they sacrifice their lives for the freedom of the oppressed, their sacrifice will soon yield a high return by bringing down the oppressors and leading to the freedom of the oppressed. Their blood you shed will raise the millions of their likes and finally bring you down on your knees.

The pain of losing these precious and golden brothers still exist in our hearts, it increases on daily bases and will never decreases until we revenge their blood. It’s a promise!

Peace be upon you my masters Ahmad, Hamid, Mahmud, Hammad, Hydar and Humaid! Peace be upon you my martyred Friends! Peace be upon all the martyrs!

We steadfast on the path you martyred on till victory or martyrdom Insha Allah.

#DeathToAmerica #DeathToIsrael  #DeleteIsrael #FreePalestine #FreeZakzaky #MyMartyredFriends


Ramadan, 1438/2017