3rd Day Martyrdom Commemoration of Lady Fatima (AS)

Today 6/3/15 equivalent to 16/05/1436(Hijiriyya), the martyrdom of Sayyada Zahra AS ended up late on the day after two days consecutive commemoration by the member of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria, the sitting begins with condolence poems, lecture, and conclusion part of Fadakiyya sermon (of Sayyada Zahra SA) by Sayyid Zakzaky Ibraheem (H) among other events.

Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) continue translating Fadakkiya sermon that Sayyada Zahra The Doughter of Messenger of Allah furnished to the ummah after her fortune inherited from her Father was deprived of here are some part of the sermon  translated

‘’You have gone astray from the teaching of the Apostle of Allah even though it not been long he absent from us, we will endure the calamities you sent us into and yet you denied Me my inheritance from my Father (Prophet Muhammad SAWA),

Ooh! You the son of Uhafa with reference to the book 0f Allah(Al-Quran), you inherited you father’s wealth, does that mean I will not inherit my father fortunes? Also Sulaiman inherited Daud whom they were prophets of Allah (AHS)’’

Sayyid Zakzaky (H) added with ‘’The affluence that the apostle left belongs to sayyida after one-eight fraction of the wealth had been withheld to the wife’s  of Apostle of Allah(SAWA)’’

Yet in some part of Sayyada Zahra’s sermon she added with these questions ‘’Does Allah specified you with some verses of Holy Quran but not my Father (SAWA) about inheritance? Or you know the Quran better than My Father(SAWA)? In the day after my farther will litigate you to the court of Allah and the court will be Qiyama.

‘’Ooh! You the youth of Ansar(people from Madina), you have come to the support to this belief, you can provide your aid by rebellious for My right, or I am only precious to you only when my Father(SAWA) is alive? They wants to over powered my right and you heard me yelling, calling for your aid, while you use to be brave, strong, heroic and having all weapons need to strike on our enemies and the enemies of Apostle of Allah Ta’ala (SAWA),after all help you rendered to Islam and you are now setting yourselves back from the Islam. I am the daughter of the reminder/ the warner you need to recall and work and we also work’’

The companion of Apostle of Allah Abubakar  said ‘’your Father is really a sympathizer to the believers, and he always combat for the oppressed privileges especially women and they have the same chartered with his brother Ali bn Abutalib As. I don’t denied every things you have said but I don’t take this decision alone, if you want wealth I can offer you from my account but from your Father (SAWA) you are the leader of these ummah, I can’t go back from what the Apostle of Allah said that we the rulers cannot be inherited’’

 Sayyada Zahra AS replied with ‘’Subhanallah! How dear you change what Allah send His messenger with and impose lies, in the holy Quran it is clearly stated that Sulaiman inherited Daud’’

 Abubakar confirmed what Sayyada AS said as the truth but he claims that some companions lead Him denied her right, but not his fault.

Magribian obligations prayers, the Martyrdom of Sayyada Zahara AS’s poem, chests beats and weeps were also observed