31st Annual Qur'anic competition in Iran

The 31st edition of the annual Qur'anic competition have begun on monday 26th May 2014,. which is one of the country’s most important Qur’anic event, International Qur’an Competition, in the capital city of Tehran.

Many reciters and memorizers from over 56 countries have signed up to participate in the upcoming Holy Qur’an competition in Tehran.

Some nine committees have been launched to hold the event. They will also manage various activities scheduled for this year’s competition dubbed “Qur’an and Islamic lifestyle”.

The annual competition is aimed to encourage the public to read the Holy Quran and to act upon the teachings of the Holy Quran.

More than 110 reciters and memorizers from 75 world countries took part in the last year’s Tehran international Quran competitions and displayed their talents.

The compatition is Organized by Iran’s State Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization, the international event is scheduled to end on monday June 2.