2nd day: Unity Week Continues in Bauchi

The maiden unity week programme organised by the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the stewardship of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky continues in Bauchi.

The programme is solely meant to foster unity among various Muslim groups that are sharply divided by ideological differences. The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky used to organise this programme in Zaria where various Islamic scholars were being invited to deliver sermons about the contemporary challenges that deprive Muslims of unity and how to unify the the divided Umma.

Due to the ongoing persecution of Shi'as in Nigeria, it was decided that every state should organise its own programme.

The programme which takes place at Games Village, Bauchi, comprises Sunni, Sufi and Shitte clerics who came from Bauchi. Malam Hamza Idris, one of the keynote speakers, cautioned Muslims Umma against succumbing to the enemies' traps, saying Muslims should tread softly when it came to insulting his fellow Muslims just because they differ in something ideological. "The prophet ( saw ) preached love and unity, he did not preach violence and hate throughout his lifetime. To me, so long as you claim to be a Muslim, you escape from any verbal or physical harm from" he added in his paper titled " The Imperative of Unity  A Key to Surmounting the Contemporary Challenges".

Sayyid Abdullahi Ashura also delivered a very important speech titled " Test in the cause of Allah: An Insight from Sunni scholars". According to the speaker, Malam Ashura, every success that Allah offers his servants is usually attached to hardship and adversity which serve to test his patience, endurance and commitment to his cause.

He stated this by taking his cue from the Zaria massacre and calling on brothers and sisters to summon up courage, and step up the struggle because without patience and commitment, they will not succeed. He further said that whoever lived long enough, he would bear witness to his prognostication by Allah's willing.

 The programme was attended by representatives from various mosques. It is interesting to note that every participant in the programme is passionate about the unity of Muslims especially in Nigeria which is at stake. They participants also condoled with Shias over the Zaria incident and prayed that Allah accept their martyrdom and also give the victims' families the fortitude to bear the losses

On yesterday Thursday 19th Rabiul Auwal, 1437 (31/12/2015) was the 2nd day of this Annual Unity Week in Bauchi organized by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Allama Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (h), held at Bauchi Games Village hall.

Malam Musa Gwallaga, Malam Idris Allaramma, Malam Usman Bello Dass and Malam Ahmad Yusuf Yashi were the guest speakers on the second  day of the event.

By Khalid Idris Doya, Bauchi