25 selected sayings Of Allamah Ibraheem Zakzaky (h). Part (1)

Compiled by; Ammar Muhammad Rajab


No 1: “What is Islam and who is Muslim? Islam is a direct message from almighty Allah brought by Prophet Muhammad (saww). Muslim is a person who believes and acts upon almighty Allah’s message brought by Prophet Muhammad (saww).”


No 2: “what are our responsibilities as a Muslim? One; it’s our responsibility to know the religion. Two; it’s our responsibility to act upon the religion. Three; it’s our responsibility to called others to the religion. Let’s look on, in what extent we take these responsibilities?”


N0 3: “traditionally, when there is a call to the right path, people are categorized into three. The minority are those who are behind the call, who believe and face all the trials and tribulation. The second part are the majority who are neutral, to see who will triumph and follow him. They are with the authorities always. If peoples of religion triumph, they will come and show their support and even expressed that; they are with you primarily, they know you are on the right part. Even when you see them isolated themselves, they didn’t come to join the struggle, but still they are with you on their minds, is only their body not with the struggle. If the oppressors downfall on you, bring the call to an end, is the time they will show their real color, by saying; “we are just in peace, now you are calling people to go back to the teachings of religion, it’s just sign of maiming trouble, see what it resulted.” This happened between Fir’auna and prophet Musa. Majority people followed Fir’auna while the minorities followed Musa and face all the tribulations. And another majority says; “if Musa makes victory, they are with him, but if visa-vise they are with Fir’auna.” They belong with the one with authority always. The same what happened in the life-time of Prophet Muhammad (saww). Initially, minorities people stay with Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) face the trials, the majorities are neutral. After the entire struggle, the message arrive victory, then everyone comes and says now they are with the call. This is a victory to you to see it, but while if almighty Allah takes your life (as a neutral) you didn’t see the victory of the religious? What would you tell almighty Allah? Can you tell him that; you know they are with the truth, but you didn’t help them, and now you have died? In brief, it’s just an individual choice, is either to come and join the struggle, or to be neutral, this is your personal choice. But one thing which is precisely, victory of religious people is compulsory by God’s willing, and we seek Allah’s intervention.”


No 4: “we are in unity week, this is the point where Muslim divided into two, and now we want to be united, let’s expressed a message that will be understandable to everyone. Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of almighty Allah; no prophet will come after him, but we divided into two about allegiance after Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h&hf). Some said; when this prophet is about to demise he says nothing, he keep mute to his Ummah about who will be his successor. In this case, Ahlus Sunnah narrated that; people gathered and choose prophet successor. But if is to ask them; is the successor prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) choose him? What will they answered? No! Is not Prophet Muhammad concise, he departed without saying anything on that (who will be his successor), they (Ummah) choose his successor after an advised. While the Shi’a said; we have no problem on that (Prophet successor). Our Prophet narrated to us after him follow Ali. His successor will continue with his teachings like i do. Since we are in unity week, and there are some points that we were misunderstood. This first part said; prophet demise says nothing, the second part says; no, the prophet leave his successors before his demise, the prophet said; “certainly i will leave a rough that if you hold you will not go astray until you meet me in the pond of ‘Kauthar’, the Qur’an and my progenies (they are my successors).” The second part have leader, while the other part struggling to get leader to follow him. Now we are in unity week, and we want to be united, with the one which have leader from Allah, and the one with no leader. We have only one leader and they have thousands, and we want to be in unity, let’s come together and live peacefully, followed your leaders, let followed mine, but what is our name? Muslim (Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) followers). Anytime you preferred to follow my leader, feel free to do, primarily he is your leader, you ignore it.”

Insha Allah, to be continued.