20th Muharram: Imam Husain(AS)’s Sacrifice saved Islam


On the 20th day of Muharram in the continuation of the mourning gatherings at Hussainiya Baqiyatullah Zaria, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky futher explain the aftermath of the tragedy of karbala.

Sheikh Zakzaky expressed that the martyrdom of Imam Husain save  Islam from obliteration. Speaking on  Yazid’s plan, the Leader explained that Yazid earlier intended to kill Imam Hussain (a.s) by sending Assassins to kill the Imam even if found under the cloth of Ka’aba. Imam Husain was in Makka for Hajji, the Hajj he could not perform to shun shedding blood of Ahlulbayt in the sacred Ka’aba.

The Imam’s sacrifice has many lessons. The Imam left Makka to Kufa where Imam Ali(AS) and Imam Hassan were betrayed with confidence that he would be safe having received series of invitation from them.

Sheikh Zakzaky cleared misconceptions regarding the issue of Imam’s move to Iraq despite pleading of some companions like Abdullahi Ibn Umar and others. Another thing is that high expectation of an Imam about a matter becomes incumbent upon him to carry it out. So, going by invitation letters that reached him from Kufa his expectation is safety and therefore could not decline their request. He received series of letters just as Imam Hasan(AS) received during Mu’awiya. Their lettes displayed their intention of helping him. So, he also sent Ibn Aqeel  to receive more on the behalf of the Imam. He received about 50,000 of them.

On the issue of paying allegiance to Yazid or reconciling with him as did Imam Hasan with Mu’awiyyah, the Sheikh Said had Imam Hassan(AS) too survived to the time of Yazid, he will do exactly what Imam Husain did of sacrifice and dying for true Islam  than submitting to humiliation, It would not be possible for Imam to pay allegiance to the like of Yazid; and even if that could happen  Imam was sure even if he paid allegiance they will surely kill him. Imam said he prefer to die in honour than paying allegiance in humiliation.

While speaking to those who argued why Imam Husain did not return when ibn Aqeel and Hani bn Urwah were killed, Sheikh said the answer is that he could not go back  as there was not option left; also all routes were blocked.

Those that killed Imam Husain could not even spare teenagers. Heads of Ahlulbayt presented to the Ibn Ziyad earn big reward, thus two children of  Muslim bn Aqeel bn Abi talib who were imprisoned were no spared too by one of person who participated in Karbla genocide.

The two children were imprisoned and starved with order of ibn Ziyad. They complained to the Prison Warder, being the children of families of the Prophet(SAWA),  the warder planned for their escape. After they escaped they found refuge in the house on an old woman, having recounted themselves as Ahlulbayt of the Prophet, she accepted to give them refuge at least for a night for the fact that she entertained fear that they could be harmed by her in-law who was among ibn Ziyad men for worldly gain.

In the night when they were sleeping, the in-law went after the children despite the fact that they identified themselves as members of Prophet’s family. He binds them with a rope until day break. He ordered his slave to kill them. The two children had lengthy conversation, along the way, with the slave who was ordered to kill them. He declined to kill them and threw away the sword given to him; he crossed the river and escaped. The master accused him of disobedience. He said he preferred to go against the master than to disobey Allah.

 Then he ordered his children to do the killing. The children also refused. What remained was to do the job by himself. The two children gave him option to sell them as slaves than to kill and face the prophet on the day of Judgment. They even asked him to take them to Ibn Ziyad.  He rejected all the requests.  Then They pleaded for a few time to pray.  He beheaded them after they prayed and took the heads to Ibn Ziyad. The Killer narrated all what transpired between him and the two children. Ibn Ziyad disapproved his action and punished him by ordering for his killing too.. His head was pelted with stones and later burnt into ashes by the order of Ibn Ziyad.