15th Youth Forum Conference Held At Sokoto

After every six months, youth forum of the Islamic movement under the leadership of sheikh Zakzaky(H), organize a national conference which this time took place in the temporary markaz of brothers in Sokoto state of Nigeria. The 3 days conference started on Friday 18th zhulqada (12th September 2014) and ended on 14th September. It gained Participants from various parts of the country.
On Friday evening, registration and recitation of complete Quran and supplications were made for our great martyrs after that the documentary on Zaria quds day was watched.
Saturday morning, malam Mainasara sokoto gave a speech titled “ISLAMIC MOVEMENT FROM START TILL DATE; LESSONS FOR THE YOUTHS”. Where he gave the history of the movement, explained Funtua declaration and the challenges Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and early brothers encountered in the course of the movement. At the end of his speech he encouraged the youths to keep on learning and searching for knowledge.
The next speaker, malam Shu’aibu S Kaya talked on “GOOD BEHAVIOUR: A SCALE FOR DIFFERENTIATNG ISLAMIC MOVEMENT YOUTHS FROM OTHERS”. Where he encouraged the youths on giving their optimum contributions to the movement saying “The most important thing you can do in conveying this message (message of the Islamic movement) is action/effort”. After his speech, a break was taken for prayers and lunch then resumed.
In his speech, Malam Sani Abdullahi Zuru which he made on “YOUTH AWARENESS: WHAT CONTRIBUTION CAN AN ISLAMIC MOVEMENT YOUTH OFFER? Explained the deceitful ways employed by the Zionists aimed at destroying and misleading people especially the youths in our country. A discussion on “YOUTHS IN THE FIELD OF MARTYRDOM” followed which was directed by Brother Ismail D Othman where the youths presented their experience on Quds day.
On the closing day which was Sunday, malam Hafiz Dauda gave a speech on aims and objectives of the forum. Following that was drama and debate which was won by Sister Nabila A. Almizan. Then the closing lecture was delivered by the representative of brothers of Mafara malam Abu-Bakr Nuhu. He touched several issues discussed during the conference and added more explanations on the aims and principles of the Islamic movement. Eng. Mustapha A Goronyo gave a closing remark and the conference was wrapped up with prayers