1437 Closing of Sayyida Zahra (AS) Maulid in Kano

This year’s Maulid closing celebration of Sayyida Fatimatul Zahra (AS) the daughter of our Noble Prophet (SAWA) in Kano zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria took place today Saturday 24TH Jimadal Thani, 1437 (2nd April, 2016) at former Kano groundnut pyramid field kofar Mazugal with many in attendance.

Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki was the special guest speaker at the occasion and with Sayyida Asiya Ibrahim Sabon Titi as a special guest that spoke on the love and affection of Sayyida Zahra (AS) we are enjoyed to uphold by Allah as narrated by our Noble Prophet (SAWA).

Ittihadul Shuarah of the Islamic Movement electrified the programme with beautiful songs of Sayyida Zahra (AS), and Fudiyyah Rijiyar Lemo Kano displayed an honored march pass for Sayyida Zahra (AS).

In his speech at the occasion, Mal Sunusi talked on the beautiful role model Sayyida Zahra (AS) has shown humanity being a Child, a house wife, as a Mother etc. calling for emulation.

He also reiterated the emulation of the lessons from the exemplary way Women should be treated with care, respect, humility etc as shown by the leader of the Islamic movement Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) for our women are the bedrock of our society.

In this year’s Sayyida Zahra (AS) maulud celebration competition by different units of neighborhoods and cities (called Halka and Zones) of the movement in Kano, Sabon Titi and Malan Madori were this year’s champions, Naibawa and kura second and Kofar Waika and Gwarzo being third with Malama Maimuna Abdullahi handing over trophies to the emerged champions’ representatives.

Malama Maimuna made the introductory speech at the event and Malama Sakina making a closing speech expressing gratitude to Allah for seeing the success of this year’s Maulud celebration and the call for the unconditional release of the leader of the Islamic Movement Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

Mal Sunusi made a closing prayer.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad.