11th Zul-Qada; Commemorating the Birthday of Imam Ali bn Musa (AS)

By U. S. Adam
Brief Biography of The Imam
He is Ali bn Musa (AS) the 8th Successor of prophet Muhammad (S) and was born on 11th Zul-Qada 148AH in the city of Madina, and martyred on 30th Safar 203AH, his famous honorary name is ‘Reza’ which is an Arabic name that can be translated as ‘Satisfaction’, his family, friends and even his enemies were satisfied with him because of his great conducts and morals.

The Virtues of the Imam
The virtues of imam is beyond the limitation of all pens, its narrated that during his journey to ‘Khorasan’ at the city of ‘Neishaboor’ a large amount of people gathered to welcome him, their only wish is to see the bright and shining face of the noble Imam and listen to an authentic and credible hadith from him, some of the people that were opportune to come near him kissed his carriage because of their love and eagerness to see him. After a while Imam narrated from his pure grandfathers, from the messenger of Allah (S), from angel Gabriel and from Allah (T) that “The word (La-ilaha illal-Allah) is my fortress and whoever enters my fortress will be saved from my punishment “ Imam paused for a while and continued “But on some conditions and I am one of its conditions”. Considering the above Narration, who can imagine the quality and virtue of being among the conditions of entering the fortress of Allah (T)? This is just one of his numerous and uncountable virtues.

Sayings of the Imam (AS)
For the fact that sayings of a person describe how well mannered he is and also says much about his wisdom, insight and sagacity. In this piece I will like to share with you some of the sayings of the Imam (AS)
-It was narrated from the Imam that “The friend of everyone is his wisdom and the enemy of everyone is his ignorance and silliness”.
-Imam Reza (AS) also said “Liking people and friendship is half of wisdom”.
-He also said “There is a piece of advice in everything your eyes see”
-“A generous man is close to Allah, close to paradise and close to everyone”

A short Poem
O’ Imam your love is like a candle in my heart,
Burning deep inside, its flame never dims out,
Thinking about you makes my heart shine and light,
In life, your sayings always guide my path,
I feel blessed to be called your servant.

Remembering your tragedies always make me unhappy,
Your grandfathers too, especially of imam Husain make me weepy,
Just like animals, all your oppressors are loopy,
The waiting of Imam Mahdi, who is your copy,
Make me among his soldiers and I will be happy.

Peace be upon you O’ son of the messenger of Allah
Peace be upon you O’ light of Allah,
Peace be on you O’ he who rescued the religion of Allah,
Peace be upon you O’ the father of Hassan, Ali bn Musa (AS).